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How Black Pink May Overtake the BTS Boys

A Clash of the Titans

BTS (Starting from Top Left): V, Jin, Jimin, (bottom left) RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook. Black Pink (from Left to Right): Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa

It is no secret that the BTS boys are big, and I mean really big. Their rise to fame has been a pretty slow one as the group debuted in 2013 and only recently caught on fire (metaphorically). Now I do personally consider myself to be part of the “BTS ARMY” and to also be a “BLINK.” I feel like that is an important fact to clarify as it seems like anything towards these stars and their fan bases go crazy. I love the music from both these groups and love the artists to bits, so don’t attack me if I make a mistake. I’m only human.

Now let’s get down to business. It is no secret that BTS’ success is like a rocket blasting through space and into uncharted territories. I love this analogy—the BTS boys are always coming up with new and innovative music that always takes the world by storm and their new album was no different. Their new song “IDOL” was able to gain 100 million views in a just less than five days. This just makes it the fourth quickest video on YouTube to hit that view mark and the fastest in the K-POP industry. Now I do believe that this record will be beat by the boys themselves when they release their next album, as they are accumalating more and more fans by the day.

On the other hand, we have Black Pink. These girls debuted in 2016 and they have surpassed most K-POP groups. I think it is fair to say that currently, BTS and Black Pink are the Titans of the industry. It hasn’t been very long since this group started and it is mind blowing how big they are. I am aware of the fact that Black Pink did majorly benefit from the international exposure BTS brought. But my argument to that is, so did everyone else. I think it is fair to say that Black Pink probably have a bigger fan base at this point than groups like Twice or Exo who have been going at it a bit longer. (I do like both these groups too, hence I compared them.)

Now, the reason I feel like Black Pink will overtake BTS is due to the time they debuted. One thing that BTS has going for them are their personalities, and their experience in the music industry. Black Pink on the other hand do have the personalities on lockdown, but they lack in the experience department. However, that doesn’t really explain their success. Black Pink debuted at a time when the K-POP industry just started to gain a lot of international attraction, and I feel like that was just a smart move on their label’s part. Yes, BTS has their experience but YG Entertainment had done their homework. They obviously have the experience of their other groups, but they were also studying the success of others.

Now, YG Entertainment whent a completely different direction with Black Pink. Instead of flooding out new music every few moths, they kept the amount of songs Black Pink were bringing out to a minimum, so that fans go crazy when they come out with something. What I mean is, now if Black Pink releases a new song, fans around the world will watch that song again and again because they know they are not going to get another for a while. Just look at how long Black Pink took to release an EP (Extended Playlist). By now, most other groups would have probably released four albums. YG Entertainment are really making their fans beg for more and it seems to be working. On top of that, that same EP was released almost one year after their last song and it only contained four songs. “DDU-DU DDU-DU” was released at the same time as “Fake Love” and, I believe that, it beat it to gain more views in the first 24 hours, but "Fake Love" went on to beat it to the 100 million view mark.

Now the reason that I feel like that Black Pink will over take BTS is simple. YG Entertainment’s plan thus far seems to be working. They made a newly debuted group a lot bigger than so many other groups in the market. But BTS has a weak spot. BTS may be making innovative and amazing music, but they are confined to limited genres. Yes, their side tracks explore every type of music imaginable but that’s the problem. Title tracks are the things that bring in fans, and producing them in the same genre isn’t going to help. On the other hand, Black Pink have shown that no genre is safe. A good contrast is probably “Whistle” and “Boombayah." Black Pink clearly isn’t limited to the type of music they can make; hence I feel like BTS’ success will eventually plateau, and that will be Black Pink's time and they will shoot past the Bangtan boys and leave them in the dust

Now that’s just my opinion and I’m always on social media whether that is YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter. Black Pink’s success will grow, but whether they surpass the boys is something only time will tell. I have based my opinions on facts and a lot of sources I found online talking about this. I tried my best to make this as clear as I can only wait to see how it unfolds.

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How Black Pink May Overtake the BTS Boys
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