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How House Music Changed My Life

A Short Story on How the Art of House Music Allowed Me to Be at Peace with Myself

Towards the beginning of my senior year of my undergraduate studies, I began to experience major anxiety. I often found myself consistently comparing myself to others, lacking confidence, and never truly enjoying moments I know I should be enjoying. I was always hesitant to talk to someone about my anxiety, in fear of being judged, or that my peers would think I could not handle tough situations. On one weekday, my close friends invited me to go to a house music club in Huntington Beach. At this time, all I knew about house music was that it was a form of electronic dance music. What I didn't know is how spiritual, uplifting, and life changing house music turned out to be for me. I am here to tell you what house music means to me.. 

After that Tuesday night at Focus OC House Club in Huntington Beach, my addiction and passion for house music erupted. I simply could not stop dancing and smiling to the various beats, pumping my fists, and moving my head back and forth with pure joy and emotion. I thought to myself "Who does not enjoy this music?" and "How does this music not invite people to get up and express themselves?" This form of art was unique, it was tantalizing, and I could not stop listening and moving... 

I fell in love with house and electronic music. Surely enough, I had bought a ticket to Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas 2018, my first rave. I was mind blown with the time I had spent at EDC. What I had realized at the end of my experience was that electronic music, and more specifically house, brings together a diversity of people to celebrate a form of art they love and enjoy. I had forgotten all about my anxiety listening to this specific type of music for the last five months. I became happier. Dancing and celebrating house music helped me enjoy life much more. 

I learned that house music is a healer and therapeutic for any form of negative energy.  House music is "Group Therapy," a common saying valued by Above and Beyond that identifies house music as a key to open-mindedness, curiosity, and positive mental attitude. I feel energized, excited, emotional, and undoubtedly happy when I listen to house music.  In my attempt to spread this joy onto others, I commonly encourage my friends to listen to house music in hopes that they can release any negative energy their bodies may contain and bring a smile to their face. 

My recommendation to anyone reading this is to open your mind and eyes to house music and dance like no one is watching. 

Here is a list of the Top 5 House Music artists that have inspired me:

1. Above & Beyond

Above and Beyond is one of the world's leading electronic music acts. Based in the United Kingdom, A&B produces exquisite trance music to lift your soul into another dimension. When listening to their music, A&B never fails to open up the mind and release any hidden dance moves. Their motto is known as "Group Therapy", in which their music serves as a therapeutic to the mind and body to relinquish negative energy.

Recommended Songs: "My Own Hymn," "Sink the Lighthouse," "Alone Tonight," and "Peace of Mind."

2. Tchami and Malaa

Tchami and Malaa are two separate electronic DJ's who more often than not collaborate with each other. From Paris, France, Tchami specializes in producing future house music. Signing on to Tchami's label, Malaa's identity is unknown, at all times wearing a ski mask. Together, their music unleashes an immeasurable amount of energy, causing your body to constantly move fatigue free.

Recommended Songs: "Prophecy," "Summer 99," "Cash Money," "Bylina," and "After Life."

3. Jauz

Jauz is an American DJ and electronic dance music producer from San Francisco, California. Being one of the dominant forces in dance music, Jauz takes complete control of your mind and encourages you to give ever ounce of energy you have into your dance and enjoyment. He goes harder than most DJ's and is one of the craziest artists on the world stage.

Recommended Songs: "Gassed Up," "Goodiez," "Deeper Love," "Feel the Volume," and "Rock the Party."

4. Deborah de Luca

Deborah de Luca is an Italian DJ known for her brilliant production of deep house music. No words can describe the insane talent that de Luca provides to her raging fans. She offers a unique and dazzling focus to her music that inspires fans dance like no one is watching and be at a peace of mind. Deep house is definitely my favorite form of house music by far, and de Luca is at the top of my list. If you like a consistent beat with exciting drops and European vibes, Deborah is the woman for you.

Recommended Songs: "I Go Out," "Wanna Party," "Spend More Time With Me," "In Hypnose," and "Bad Morning."

5. Black Coffee

If you are looking for soothing and tranquilizing house music, Black Coffee is your go to man. A South African DJ bringing his talents from the streets of South Africa where house music originates, Black Coffee is on the polarized end from Jauz. Peaceful in his music, it is impossible not to fall in love with his calm productions. To ease the mind, relax, and enjoy your high in a mellow matter, Black Coffee is an artist you most definitely want to sip on. Black Coffee is consistently performing in Ibiza where he shows off his artistic talents and skills.

Recommended Songs: "Come With Me," "Muye," "Drive," and "Your Eyes." 

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How House Music Changed My Life
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