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How I Got into the Community

Joshua's Camp

So there was a day when I woke up and realized, today is going to be a great day. I said to myself, "Ahhh, today is going to be a great day. Let's get to it." As soon as I told myself that, I got up and got ready for the day.

I was doing my hair, brushing my teeth, and smiling in the mirror like my mom always says. Smile because that's the best look anyone can have. Upon that, I just kept smiling for no reason in the mirror. 

Back to the story, okay. Here I am driving to school with the radio on because who doesn't love the radio. I heard an ad on the radio about Joshua's Camp Cancer Research and my heart skipped a beat. I knew I was writing a song but wasn't sure if it was going to be good enough until this very moment. I realize that if I can write a song about love and caring, maybe I can write a song about fighting and staying strong. I spoke to a friend that day asking her for her opinion about this idea I had and she loved it. We both sat down to talk more about what I can for this organization and the first thing she brought up was a song. A power song about fighting and staying strong no matter what is going on in the world. That was the moment I realized that I can't back out now. 

The very same day I emailed the President of Joshua's Camp and I brought up the event they are having in my town. I asked if I could perform a song or two for the family and their kids. She was so quick to say yes without even trying to get to know me. In the email, she mentioned performers and guest speakers. I'm not a big speaker kind of guy but I can perform and the next email she sent me was for me to send her some of my creations. After that, it was all greenlit. I had a moment to myself that I had to write this song for these kids and families and I had no clue who they are and but couldn't let them down. 

After a few days, I haven't wrote the song yet, haven't even picked up my guitar. I called my friend and she said to me, "Get your butt in the studio and start writing. The event is in five days!" I was completely happy to hear that she cares about this as much as I do but the problem was, I was having writer's block. It gets me every time when I'm about to do something great for not just myself but for others. Writing for myself is easy but dang, why is it so hard to write for another person? So there goes another day, another day closer to the event, still haven't written anything down. 

Three days before the event, I finally told myself to stop being so addicted to my phone and get to work. I put my phone away and started to write. As I was starting to write, a melody popped into my head. The second the melody popped into my head, I knew I have to lay down this melody or it's going to go away and I'll never get it back. As soon as I started laying down this melody, everything came to me. The lyrics came to me like I was eating a piece of cake. After that whole situation, I got the music done and lyrics under an hour. It was that simple. I made it so hard for myself. 

Went to bed on the last day before the event, I thought to myself, what if I blow it? What if it doesn't go well? Well, the worst thing that can happen is they might shut you down and tell you to stop or they might not even care. Well, I fell asleep after saying a few what if's, so that's it for now. The morning came and I got ready to go to the event, my heart was racing and my head was spinning like I was about to perform at Madison Square Garden. Exaggerating a little bit here but it felt that way. As I got to the event, the president of the organization recognized me so fast that I couldn't even take a deep breath. I said to myself, "Oh my, this is really happening." Well duh, it is happening. As I was getting ready, a few kids came up to me and asked if they could sing with me and I told them of course. I got something planned so you guys listen for it. They were so excited as they shouted happily and walked to their seat. 

The moment I strummed my guitar into the speaker, that moment I knew everything was going to be just fine. All the nerves went away and I couldn't have been more happy. As I started singing the first song, I had to get the kids involved because what's great about starting a show if you don't get the crowd into it. It was a moment I would cherish forever as I got into the second song, the song that I wrote. Like I said earlier, I am not a good public speaker but an okay performer. As I was telling everyone about the song that I wrote three days ago, they couldn't wait to hear it. After the performance, a bunch of kids were running up to me to give me hugs and asking for a signature, I feel like I was on top of the world that I got the chance to be their idol even though they don't know me. 

That moment I knew I did something good not just for myself but also the community. I wouldn't miss it for the world next time around and I asked for a picture and they got me this. I'm happy about what I've done so far and I'm happy about what I was able to do for this organization. 

To all of those out there reading this or already helping out in the community, keep going and keep doing what you're doing. You're the real MVP here.

Thank you, 

Keng Her

Keng Her
Keng Her

Hello wonderful people of the world! Hope you guys are having a fantastic day. 

My name is Keng Her from Wisconsin. I'm a singer songwriter and I post on Youtube monthly. Also a VLOGGER. I like to travel, write music, and sing. @Kengsmusic

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How I Got into the Community
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