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If Rush Had A Frontwoman...

Grown Up Avenger Stuff releases new single, "A.I.M."

If you take a moment to listen to some of the songs the band Grown Up Avenger Stuff has on YouTube you’ll find their sound fairly eclectic, though rooted in rock and metal. However, when their new single "A.I.M. (All In Motion)" started to play from my laptop speakers my first thought was, “This is what Rush would sound like with a powerful female vocalist.” And, yes, Ray Stern has some powerful vocals that make you listen to what she is singing. It’s also a bonus that you can actually understand what she is singing, as doing so can be difficult in some heavier rock vocals, even with the most talented of vocalists.

Aside from the awesome vocals, this band has kind of a neat lineup. It was formed by veteran guitar player John Thomsen along with his sons; Hunter is on bass and Tyler is on drums/percussion. The band hit the scene in 2015 and have been touring the US since then, making a name for themselves (their great music probably having a lot to do with that). They hail from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Listen to A.I.M.

Onto the new single, though. It does have a very “Rush” feel to it, as well as a feel-good sound. Ray’s vocals are clean cut - she demands your attention. But, as good as her voice is, you’ll still find yourself drawn into the stellar instrumentation backing her up. This band is seriously tight, they all know their instruments and know how to make them speak to the listener. I feel like as much as I seriously like this song recorded (I’ve listened to it twice already, and will probably listen to it again before I am done writing this), it would absolutely blow me away live. It’s just one of those songs that hooks you from the first note. If singles on cassette or DVD still existed (gone the way of the record store in general) I would totally buy it.

Because of their awesome songs like this new release, Grown Up Avenger Stuff has played some pretty big festivals, including Summerfest in Milwaukee. They’re heading to Canada this year, and reportedly have some dates coming up overseas as well. I tried to do some research on who they might be touring with, but came up with nothing. Then again, does it really matter who else will be there when they rock so much on their own?

If you love rock and roll, you will love this band. If you love bands that have a powerful female lead, you will love this band. Listening to some of their other stuff on YouTube I feel confident comparing them not only to Rush but to the likes of Halestorm and even Nocturnal (a goth band that is no longer together but had a great sound and female vocals with an edge, just like Ray’s).

Like most bands that haven’t let the huge fame go to their heads, Grown Up Avenger Stuff is a band that plays music purely for their love of rock and roll. They do it because they love it and they love making their fans, both old and new, happy. Their Facebook page even states that they “want to be your new second most favorite band.” Why not give them that opportunity and check out their music? You can find them on Facebook, Reverbnation, and on Youtube. They are a band with talent and one that is quickly going places and going to keep going. They’ve been endorsed by Gibson Guitars. Being only two-years-old, they’re still a band in their infancy in this world of rock, so who know where they’ll be in a few more years! By then they might even be your first most favorite band.

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If Rush Had A Frontwoman...
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