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In Memory of David Bowie

To the Goblin King, the Man Who Sold the World, Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, and Rebel

I am writing this in memory of a great man. He was a father, husband, friend, artist, mentor, and legend.

He is greatly missed by many, so I am writing this as a show of love and deep appreciation for who he was and what he contributed to this world.

My opinions are not in any way affiliated with anyone else's.

On this day three years ago, we lost one of the greatest artists in music to ever live in my mind: The Godfather of glam rock, my personal hero, and mentor.

Because of his music, I learned to follow my dream no matter what anyone said.

He will never get to know how much he changed my life. At the young age of six, I watched him for the first time in the movie Labyrinth. To me, he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. I fell then and there, and it is a love that has lasted the rest of my life. When I was 12, I was living with my father and I was so depressed that whole summer, all I did was rent Labyrinth over and over again. It got to a point that the clerks at the movie store were so familiar with me that they knew what I was coming in for, and they would inform me if it was checked out before I went to go look for it.

That's why a little bit of me broke inside on that sad day I learned of his passing, and I have been still in the mornings since. I may not have known him personally, but I still feel the pain of his loss.

On a fateful day at 5:30 on January 10, 2016, something told me to wake up and I turned on the TV, turning it to the news.

(Mind you, I never usually do this.)

The lady was talking about all the music, movies, and thing he had done.

All I could think was, please tell me he isn't dead.

When she said, "If you're just tuning in, celebrity and rock star David Bowie passed away."

I remember screaming and sobbing. My daughter woke up asking me what was wrong. I told her what happened, that my hero, the man I had looked up to and hoped to meet one day was gone.

I was devastated that I would never get to tell him how his music and movies took and changed one sad, lonely, lost, little girl, and had made me the person I am today.

His music and influence kept me going through the darkest times in my life. When I had no one, I would turn on his music or see a video of him and it would brighten my soul.

He will never know the impact that he had in so many people's lives. People he never met. Just by being himself.

Fearless, tenacious, eccentric, and brave.

He didn't care what the public or media thought of him. He made no apologies for his life and the way he lived it. And because of him, I tried to live my life in the same manner.

Now I get to share my love of his music and movies with my child who's taken to listening to his music when she needs to be uplifted, or dancing and singing along to his movie.

So this is not farewell, my king, for you have not died. You have just gone back to rule your kingdom.

Hopefully, I will get to meet you in the next life and I look forward to it.

Wherever you are right now, I hope you are inspiring and keeping people as entertained and influenced as you did in this life.

The world is a little bit darker with you gone, but your music and legend will live on.

In loving memory to you, David Bowie, the greatest man to ever live.

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In Memory of David Bowie
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