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Insecure's Your Middle Name

Review of 'Memories' by The 004

When you've been waiting for a long time for your favourite band to release new music and you're tired of unfulfilled promises, it's easy to understand why fans feel underwhelmed. Those that have read my article about MKS know this pain. So what do fans do? Listen to other bands or replay older material. Some choose to go the extra mile and make their own music to fuel their passion for their favourite the 004 did. 

The 004—not to be confused with an all-female RnB band with a similar name called the 411—The 004 are a four piece. All four of them are passionate fans of pop music and even managed to do a video with Sporty Spice, herself. To be acquainted with one fifth of the biggest girl-band of all time is a big achievement in my opinion. 

As for the EP itself, I think it's quite good. Some really nice and funky tracks. I can really see influences from Sugababes's debut album One Touch and their leaked tracks, and can also see influence from the Spice Girls with the variety of vocals and the positive vibes in the songs. I think the production is good and can see the hard work done towards it, and I like the lyrics as well because of the Sugababes's vibes. 

You might like this if you like: Spice Girls, Sugababes, En Vogue, & Eternal. I think the title of the EP, Memories, is highly appropriate because the music itself gives me a lot of pleasant memories of me listening to my favourite pop tunes back in the day. The whole image and the way the songs have been produced take me back to Sugababes' One Touch era which, to me, is what I would consider to be one of the most important records of my childhood. 

My favourite song from the EP is "Song For Me" because I really like the opening. The beat sounds so sweet and we get a good idea of how everyone sounds like. I don't think there is really one main lead singer, and it feels like they all seem to take turns in the spotlight and the vocals harmonise in true MKS style. 

It made me think of some writing advice I stumbled across to never use the world "soul," as it apparently lacks (wait for it) soul. I disagree—soul is one of my favourite words. "Song For Me" sounds so happy. 

"Can't Let You Go" serves as the club banger. I like it. I've found myself raving to it in my bedroom. The song does a lot of building up. It's quite fun, which what you want in a pop song. 

The title of this review comes from the third track, "Funky Vibes." The song reminds me off All Saint's debut and Sugababes's song, "Same Old Story." I love the message it portrays in the song. Do not need your negativity. It's quite relevant as well. As I recall, Little Mix's hit, "Shoutout to My Ex," is still quite popular and played on the radio.  

"A Note To You (To My Younger Self)"—I really wanted to listen to this song the minute I saw the title. I like the title. It's so good. It's so catchy and the 90s vibe is very strong. The song is about three minutes, but I feel like it's only half as long. It also reminded me of Animal Crossing: New Leaf (a very good video game) that makes it possible to send notes to your older self from your younger self. 

"Summer Of '05" tells a tale of wonderful times under the sun with flowing alcohol. Makes me wish I was there. I like it when alcohol is flowing. The customer reviews on Amazon sum it up well: a tribute to some of the best pop music from the last 20 odd years, but makes it relevant, upbeat, and funky. 

Memories is available on Amazon, Google Play, & Spotify

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