It All Started With a Beat

Music is Everything

It all starts with a beat. The beat that you just repeat in your head. The beat that flows through your body like blood. If you're like me you'll understand. You just want to hit every note perfectly with your body. When you just hear that song and you want to get up and bust a move. The way your moves look and how they flow with the beat of the music. You don't even have to think, it just happens. Music blasts, you move your body. You get in this zone where nobody else exists, your problems go away, you don't even notice if anyone is looking. You're doing you. You're focused on the music and how the lyrics sound. All your stress is being released. You're happy. Adrenaline is flowing through your body as if you're on a roller coaster.

Whether it's a slow dance or a hip-hop dance. Just you, speakers, and an empty room. You could be at a wedding and you slow dance with your partner and you listen to the lyrics and how smooth the music is. You slowly fall in love. Everybody in the room is dancing and the music just sets the mood. Everybody is falling in love. The lyrics are so beautiful and the beat is so smooth and full of rhythm. You’re relaxed and happy. The beautiful mood runs through your body just like adrenaline. It carries you up to the sky. There’s also the type of music where you want to get up and jump around and have fun. You’re at a party and the music bumps and you’re dancing to the beat. Sipping drinks and dancing to music with friends is one of the best types of music. Also, the music that you dance to alone. Whatever the type may be. Ballet, hip hop, rap, country. You set the volume, pick your song, and just dance. By yourself in an empty room with huge speakers. The louder the better. You’re in your own zone. Nobody or anything else matters. Just you, and your music. Nobody judging you. I feel like that’s the best way to listen to music.

I'd use that room at least once a day. All day even. Dancing is my way of stress relief. Besides stress, it's a great and fun way of exercising. So, while you're listening to your favorite song, you're moving around exercising and having fun. All at the same time.

Music is the best thing in the world. All the varieties for all occasions. Music is a great way of expression. People sing about everything. The amount of effort lets off anger or feeling, and you sing how you feel. Speak what's on your mind. People will relate and you're not alone. If you’re ever in a party mood there is party music. If you feel alone there’s music for that. If you are missing someone, or you need to be calm or relaxed. There is so many types that there is never a time that you will say “There’s no song for this” or “I have no music to listen to”. Music is worldwide. Hundreds of artists have many songs. Music has changed the world. Honestly it has made the world a better place. I don’t know what I would do without music quite honestly. I'd go insane or end up making my own music even though it would be nothing like professional music. Music is full of expression and feeling; brings joy to everyone around the world. Brings people together at events. Couples have common music tastes. Friendships have common music tastes. Families also have similar tastes. Music is the best thing to happen to earth.

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It All Started With a Beat
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