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It's Winter Baby!

Your Ultimate Winter Playlist

This art is from ZandraArt.

Winter is slowly making its way in. Whether we like it or not, the snow is starting to fall down to the ground. The nights are starting to get longer and longer. The season may be hard for some of us. It feels like a dark and super long tunnel where the end is nowhere near. But it's normal! And the solution is this little playlist. 

So here are some nice songs to add a little life to your winter. Lay down in your bed. Grab a cup of tea and a book and just let your mind travel to every beautiful place it wants to go!

1. Heaven—The Blaze

First on the playlist and also first in my heart. Where do I even start with this group? These two cousins are probably the best electronic duo of this era. Also, can we talk about the video? It is so beautiful and pure. Nominated and winning many awards for their videos, this duo is one to watch for the years that are coming. 

2. Set in Stone—Milk & Bone

This song is from the duo's second album. Their beautiful voice is perfect for a walk in the cold winter. Their slow tempo makes it perfect to let your thoughts wander. 

3. Jets—Bonono

I think Bonobo is in every playlist I make. He is just an amazing artist. This song in particular is perfect for the winter that is about to come. 

4. Ezra—Flume

Same vibe as the song before. A light electro song by the amazing Flume. It is one of my favorite. Winter mornings are going to be great for once. 

5. Alright—Roseau

I can probably listen to this song on repeat forever. It's so good! Her voice is hitting my whole soul and I'm not mad about it. I just want to let my whole body move to the beat and never stop. 

6. Grips on Your Waist—Prxz & Shiloh Dynasty

If you're not in the mood to listen to Drake or he's just not your cup of tea, this song is the solution. This new version of One dance is 1) beautiful 2) makes the whole song sound new (we all know how many times it played on the radio) 3) perfect for the winter. It's a lo-fi beat and it's pretty relaxing, not gonna lie. 

7. Vibin' Out with ((( 0 )))—FKJ

FKJ. Another artist that I could listen forever. This song is so mellow and sensual. Your day might have been bad and the cold weather might be hard but this song will always make you feel good. Just cuddle with your blanket or a human all night and let this song accompany you. 

8. Daylight—Beauvois

If you need a little light and joy during the winter. If you're a fan of Petit Biscuit's music, you will definitely like this one also. This song made me look like a fool in my car. I can't not dance on this song at a red light. It's impossible.

9. Winter—Mounika

You can't make a winter playlist without a song named Winter. Not as joyful as the one before but as beautiful. It has a deep feel to it and I just want to walk outside on a cold night and think, think, think.

10. Slip Into Your Skin—Patrick Watson

We're going to leave the electronic scene for this one. I don't have any words. This song is just beautiful and everybody should listen to beautiful songs. Patrick Watson never fails to make you feel all types of emotions. 

11. One More—Yaeji

One more song and also the last one for this playlist. A light electro-pop song. Even the colors in the video scream winter.

So there you go. Eleven songs to accompany you during this harsh but beautiful season. Don't worry about it. Spring is coming and the cold weather never stays forever!