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Iz R. Kellz Truly Guilty Az Hellz?

Weighing All Sidez of the Situation

The Pied Piper Pimp

The Allegations

So, we have been tipped off over the years of R. Kelly aka the Pied Piper aka Robert Kelly being interested in young girls. All of this stemmed from his odd "relationship" with the beautiful late singer Aaliyah. Rumored to have been married to her when she was the tender age of 15, everyone overlooked this back in the 90s. They were a dynamic duo putting out awesome music, so why mess up a good thing with rumors right?

Well after this past weekends airing of, "Surviving R. Kelly," there was verbal confirmation of the marriage being real and annulled. Okay, so we let that one slide. The show brought to light a slew of other lewd actions The R has committed. Several young women telling their stories through tears of the emotional, physical and sexual abuse they endured after meeting and getting into "relationships" with him. And what is the common thread between their stories and the Aaliyah situation? The young age. Most of these ladies met him when they were anywhere from age 14-17. It seems as if none of them were "legal."

Kellz Upbringing

Both of Mr. Kelly's brothers were on the show to give a background story on Robert. Each of them stated how shy and introverted he was as a young boy. He didn't go outside and play but would rather spend his time learning to play music by ear. The dedication he gave to his craft turned him into a bonafide musical genius. Rob may not have been able to half read and write but he surely learned how to make exquisite music that the masses would love. There is no way in his wildest dreams he could have imagined all of the fame, fortune, and admiration he would one day have.

As young Robert spent his time making music, his mother spent her time working hard to raise the family as a single parent. That means Robert and his siblings had to be babysat by someone older. It is during this time when Rob was violated sexually as a young fella. No once knows if he enjoyed it or not but one can say this was a much to young age to experience anything sexually. It is mind-warping and there is no turning back.

Why so controlling?!

The things revealed on the show were absolutely jaw-dropping. It was known from the allegations in the late 90s/early 2000s R. Kelly was a freak. Hell, that is super-obvious from the mostly sexually driven music he puts out and urinating on girls in sex tapes but just how evil he is was a shocker.

It was told he trolled the malls, fast-food places and even his old high school for young ladies. Claiming to try to make them famous was his M.O. Of course, the young ladies were mesmerized and would do anything to be in his presence...and he preyed upon that. Girls were leaving their homes to go on tour with him thinking they were either going to get famous or become his "bae." Unfortunately, they were placed into solitude where they had to ask for permission to eat, use the bathroom, and perform degrading sex acts usually with R and another girl or few. Oh, and if you don't "mind" him because you may get smacked and have your every move followed by his "people."

The Abused Become the Abusers

Some may say give him the benefit of the doubt. Yes, controlling the lives of young girls is wrong but he was abused at a young age as well. It is known those who are preyed upon often times become abusers themselves. This is what they know. They have unfortunately been programmed this way. So can we really blame R. Kelly for the foul lifestyle he leads?


These are young girls who are elated to have the attention of a famous mega-star. So would they do anything to be in his circle? Yes. Would they endure the abuse given to them to stay in his good graces? Yes. Does that make any of it right? No. Being that these are young, still molding, impressionable minds, the young ladies may or may not have been sure if what they was going through was okay. They were just happy to be running with the star.

Decisions, Decisions

While no one in the right out in this situation at hand, everyone is suffering or has suffered. R. Kelly was abused at a young age receiving a twisted, sick sense of sexual exploration. These young ladies have been abused willingly just to live with a super-star. Both and all are to blame and once again...there is nothing right about ANY of it. May everyone's souls be blessed.

~Butta B. Fli~

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Iz R. Kellz Truly Guilty Az Hellz?
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