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Jaicee Rentz Makes Music That Is out of This World

'Colors' EP Review

What do you get when a talented teen singer-songwriter releases her first EP? You get four awesome songs, ending with a track that will peak your imagination and make it impossible for you not to get up and dance.

Just one listen to “Superzoomy Space Ships,” from Jaicee Rentz’s debut album Colors (a four-song EP that was released on June 22), and I was hooked on this talented teenager’s amazing musical abilities. Her voice is like an angel.

It was easy for me to compare her to some other female singers that I really enjoy listening to—including Lorde, Halsey, and even Loni Lovato. Rentz’s music is in the ranks with these other talented songstresses.

About Jaicee Rentz

According to the press release for this first EP, Rentz is from San Clemente, California. The beauty of the nature in the area she lives, as well as her love for space, seeps in to influence her songs. Her tunes have a rustic and beautiful nature to them that makes them palatable by a wide audience— from teens to adults.

While she has been compared to Carly Rae Jepsen, I feel like Rentz’s music has more to it than just some top-40 dance music. Her music has an indie sound, it’s storytelling at its finest.

Let’s Talk About the Songs


In the opening of this song, you hear only the piano. It has a bit of an ominous tone, but it’s more sadness than fright. The song itself seems to have kind of a depressing feel to it—

“Cover me in snow just to numb the pain.”

“Your love leaves me in the cold.”

The lines to this song lend it that darker, more sad tone. The owl sounds in the song were beautiful… leading into the male vocals. I like that this is kind of a duet, but I preferred the parts in which Rentz was singing. Her voice is absolutely gorgeous—very mature for her teenage years.

Is that a kazoo? I think I may have just heard a kazoo or two toward the end of the song—and somehow it didn’t take away from the song’s beauty.

“Momma Birdy”

I love the folk sound to this song. It starts out so simple and delightful. It’s such a visual song. Another thing I like about this song, and the entire EP, is that it is completely different from the other songs. Every song on this collection is different—showing the wide amount of musical talent this young woman has.

“Yesterdays Night”

Yet another completely different song. This track has a singer/songwriter vibe to it. It’s a mildly upbeat song. I still love Rentz’s vocals—she is a talented singer with an extremely intriguing voice.

This track has some experimental parts to it. It’s not my favorite track on the EP, but it is pretty cool and interesting.

“Superzoomy Space Ships”

This, however, IS my favorite track on this EP. Everything about this song is spectacular, interstellar, and amazing. It’s a song that will have you look up to the stars while you’re dancing your heart out.

I love the psychedelic synth cow sound that opens the song (it returns again later). This song is the track on the EP that made me a permanent fan of Rentz and her music. This dance-y track is out of this world. You’ll love it too.

If you like this music review, please take a moment to check out some more of my reviews of awesome tunes here on Vocal and on Side Stage Magazine. I have new reviews up almost weekly. You’ll find an array of musical genres covered, so you’re bound to find something you like.

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Jaicee Rentz Makes Music That Is out of This World
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