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January 2017 Essential Playlist

Get the low down on what I'm listening to this month....

Photo credit @simplyyyG (instagram)

So, as I promised, I am going to be doing a playlist of songs I have discovered or been obsessed with each month. 2017 has GOT to be better than 2016, right? I mean come on. 2016 might have been the most depressing year in history... even if I can make your month a little teeny tiny weeny bit better with some of my favourite tunes to dance, cry, play or fuck to, then I feel like I am doing my part. 

I'm kicking off my January playlist with the brand new Modestep single 'Living For The Weekend' because it's amazing, and I am not even being biased. I think the sentiment is appropriate for everyone, aren't we all just waiting for that day/ night off where we can let loose and do whatever we want? Myself and my pug 'Fang' also cameoed in the music video, which was thought up by the boys and completely ridiculous... see if you can spot us...

Also on my list is a sample of some brand new Swindle, a UK artist that is GROSSLY underrated, his style is grime meets funk and though it shouldn't work, it does and it's beautiful. We also have some Post Malone, a remix of Martin Garrix 'In The Name Of Love', some new Flume, (because come on now, can I ever do anything without adding Flume) some Habstrakt and the latest offering from Zack The Lad featuring vocals from Josh Friend. 

Go ahead and indulge your ears.... 

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January 2017 Essential Playlist
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