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Jeffrey Dallet Band's Debut Album Rocks

Perfect for Fans of Tom Petty

Straight from Colorado, I want to introduce you to Jeffrey Dallet, a musician with a sound that is sure to delight and intrigue you. I was intrigued when I gave it a listen. In fact, when I started listening to Abnormal Oddities the first time I was instantly impressed with the talent coming for the Jeffrey Dallet Band.

One thing you’ll notice from the very start is that Dallet’s music has a Tom Petty feel to it, a little bit in each and every song. It’s the beat, the vocals, and the music that seems to tell stories that you want to listen to. Abnormal Oddities is Dallet’s debut full-length album and it is an amazing effort that will be enjoyed by rock fans and country fans alike.

“Blind Love In Vain” begins the album, and it is my favorite track of them all (there are eight of them). I like this song because not only does it have a Tom Petty vibe, but it also has a punk rock feel to it. I like that Dallet doesn’t hold back on his vocals. You feel that he is completely into what he’s doing, that this music is his passion. I like the descriptiveness of the lyrics in these songs. What stands out even more than the lyrics and vocals in each song is the harmonica, which seems to be the backbone of this track and gives it a cool sound.

“Someday” is a slower song, still filled with love. Love seems to be a theme, at least at the beginning of this album. Dallet’s singing style in this song reminds me of Petty’s vocal style on “It’s Good To Be King.” Again, the harmonica has a huge place is Dallet’s music.

“Bye Bye Middle Class” is a peppy song that reminded me of the 80s. It also has a tongue-twister feel to it and has a lyrical creativity that is reminiscent of “We Didn’t Start The Fire.” While it’s probably my least favorite song on the album, it still has its positives and is a creative track.

“Dead and Lonely” has a beat that makes you want to nod your head. I enjoyed the lyrics to this track, as a sad song about being alone. “Gypsy Jewel” has an epic sound, it could be the way the instruments work together that give it this. This song is definitely an “oddity” and it has some interesting lyrics.

The opening music to “My Old Record Store” made me think of the song “Palisades Park” from Freddy Cannon in the early 60s. It’s a musical sound that makes me think of carnivals and Ferris wheels. “Dear Dayton, OH” starts out making you think it’s bringing the beat back down, and then it kicks into some peppy harmonica work. This is a catchy track.

The final song on the album is “Odd Ball Blues.” This is a fun song that tells a story that you’ll enjoy listening to. It’s creative vocally and lyrically. This one really has a rock beat to it that will make your ears happy.

If you’re in the mood for some music that sounds great, will inspire you creatively, and is worth listening to, this debut album from the Jeffrey Dallet Band has what you need. It’s a collection of music for rock fans, Tom Petty fans, country fans, and people that are fans of good music no matter who it sounds like or what genre it fits into.

This collection of songs laced with amazing harmonica skills is brought to you by the good people of Whiplash Pr & Marketing.

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Jeffrey Dallet Band's Debut Album Rocks
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