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Julien The Child Releases Self-Aware

Makes new album sound promising

Julien the Child sounded like a strange name for a music project to me, but I have heard worse. This one is the brainchild of a Floridian named Oliver Eldridge. His music is inspired by Joy Division (you’ll hear that in this new song) and has been compared to the “lyrical depth” of Bright Eyes. His music has a great beat that you can dance to and that has that vintage electronic feel to it that can be enjoyed with music from bands like Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen.

Eldridge is in his mid-twenties but has been writing songs since he was only a decade old. He created Julien The Child in 2016 and released a 10-song album. I still don’t understand why musicians that make music as solo artists can’t just use their own name on their work (I mean, there are plenty that do, and even get famous using their “real” names). Anyway, Eldridge was doing music on his own for a good decade, under different names, up until he settled on Julien The Child.

His first album under the moniker was You Have Not Heard Silence. It is a collection of older songs that were re-recorded by Eldridge. He recorded them in the back room of a trailer! His sophomore release, the forthcoming Memory Flu, got some extra mixing and mastering outside the trailer park this time.

Listen to 'Self-Aware'

I really like this song. ‘Self-Aware’, and I hope that the rest of the album is just as good. The beat sounds like it is done on a keyboard or drum machine, but I am OK with that because it sounds great. When it comes to the type of music this song is trying to be, that type of background beat just makes sense. You’ll definitely love this song if you were at all into the synth-pop music of the 80s.

I feel like, even as a one-man-band, seeing Eldridge live would be an amazing thing. The harmony vocals on this song are awesome as well. I hadn’t noticed them the first time I listened through, as I was focused on Eldridge’s own vocals, which are amazing.

The lyrics to this song are pretty deep, which makes complete sense for a song titled ‘Self-Aware.’ I wish that Eldridge would have put the lyrics to this song on the Bandcamp page for it so I could share them with you, but alas.

Because I liked this track so much I also decided to give a brief listen to the 2016 release from Julien The Child.

Listen to the first album

‘Cartoon Jesus’ has music that doesn’t seem to match the singing, but it somehow still works together. If this would have been my first foray into the world of Julien The Child, however, I may not have said such good things as I did. In fact, I feel like Eldridge’s music has grown a great deal under the moniker of Julien The Child over the past year. I had to skip through a couple songs to find one that sounded anything remotely like the newest release. I did enjoy the third track, ‘Mayday (The Thought Of You)’. This is a very loving and relaxing song. It’s utterly mesmerizing.

There are some other good songs on the first release from Julien The Child (like ‘Crying’ and ‘Goddamn’), but I honestly have to say I am looking more forward to hearing what else is coming from this new upcoming album. ‘Self-Aware’ definitely makes it sound promising!

It’s definitely worth it to give the new song, and even the old stuff, a listen. You just might discover some music you like. And it’s only one dollar to download ‘Self-Aware’ so you can add it to your iPod and add a little pep to your next walk or workout!

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Julien The Child Releases Self-Aware
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