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K-Pop Legends BTS

Learn about these legends.

BTS is short for Bangtan Sonyeondan. It is a K-pop group that has grown so famous that they are known worldwide. Lets get to know the members that made this group who they are today.


Real name: Kim Namjoon

Stage name: RM (previously known as rap monster)

Birthday: September 12, 1994

Role: Leader, Rapper

About RM:

Before RM debuted with BTS, he was an underground rapper. His rapper name used to be "Runcha Randa." RM has a little sister that was born in 1997, meaning that she is the same age as one of the members, Jungkook. When he was asked if he would introduce her to him, he said NOOOOO. RM is known to be very smart. His IQ is 148. Even though he has such a high IQ, he can't help but break stuff, hence his nickname, "God of Destruction." RM was the first member to join BTS. He is fluent in English, and guess what taught him? The popular TV show named Friends. His mother bought the DVDs and he learned how to speak English by watching them. RM is also known to be a bad dancer (I think he's good but the members, including himself, think he's bad). Because of this, he gets made fun of and they call him "dance prodigy". He has composed over 100 songs. Also, he's the tallest member, being 181 cm. RM loves crabs. I don't mean he likes eating them, I mean he likes to catch them and play with them. RM has a habit of sticking out his chin when he concentrates. Without RM, BTS wouldn't be what they are today.


Real name: Kim Seokjin

Stage name: Jin

Birthday: December 4, 1992

Role: Vocalist, Visuals

About Jin:

Jin is the oldest of the group. He gets called 'the mom' because he takes care of the other members. He cleans and he cooks food for them. Jin is the best cook out of all the members. He nicknamed himself Worldwide Handsome, obviously because he is very handsome. He has a habit of sending flying kisses randomly. He just wants to spread his love. He was also nicknamed Eat Jin because of his love for food. He even has his own series that consists of him just eating. Fans nicknamed him "Car door guy" because when he got out of the car, he shocked everyone with his visuals. Yeah. He's that handsome. Also, when BTS attended the Billboard Music Awards, he was nicknamed "third guy from the left" because he stood out so much. Jin has a habit of blinking his eyes a lot. Jin is well known for his dad jokes. He has at least 500 in his head at all times.


Real name: Min Yoongi

Stage name: Suga

Birthday: March 9, 1993

Role: Rapper

About Suga:

Before Suga debuted with BTS, he was an underground rapper in a group called D-Town. Yoongi's stage name is Suga because he is very pale, like sugar. Suga acts really cold but on the inside, he is soft and fluffy. In an interview, the members said that Suga really cares about them, but he doesn't show it. For example, when one of them would say that they are thirsty, he would hand them a water bottle without looking them in the face, acting like he doesn't care. Suga is well known for his gummy smile. When he is really happy, he would put on a big smile and his gums would show. Suga is the dad of the group. He fixes anything that is broken. The members call him "grandpa" because he sleeps a lot and he can get cranky. Fun fact, Suga had his appendix taken out in 2013. Suga is also knows as Agust D. He produces songs under this name. His songs are usually about the hard times he had to go through. Suga had a hard time before and during debut. He said that his family was very poor. He would produce music and sell it for as little as five cents. He would have to decide whether he wanted to spend money on food or on a bus ticket home. I'm happy that him and his family are now happy and he is earning a lot of money.


Real name: Jung Hoseok

Stage name: J-Hope

Birthday: February 18, 1994

Role: Rapper, Main Dancer



Hoseok got his stage name J-Hope because he is always cheerful and happy. Before debuting, J-Hope hated the thought of being cute, but now he loves it. Pre-debut, J-Hope was part of a dance group called NEURON. He is well known for his great dancing skills. J-Hope is also known for his bright personality. That's how he got his nickname "sunshine". He loves making sound effects. A fan once told him to stop making sound effects because it was annoying during a live show and you can tell that he got upset. ARMYS (fandom name) started a trending hashtag #hoseokweneedyoursoundeffects to let him know how much he is appreciated.


Real name: Park Jimin

Stage name: Jimin

Birthday: October 13, 1995

Role: Vocalist, Dancer

About Jimin:

Pre-debut, Jimin was the top student in modern dance in Busan High School of Arts. Jimin was the last member to join BTS. He has been kicked out of BigHit (company) many times, so if he was kicked out before debuting, BTS wouldn't be BTS. Fans liked to call him "mochi" because of his chubby cheeks, but he hates it. Jimin used to be a little chubby, so he was self-conscious. He revealed that he did an intense diet. He only ate one meal a day for ten days. He would often pass out during dance practices because he had no energy. He is now well and healthy and in good shape. In their debut song, "No More Dream", Jimin had to show his abs. Also, Jimin has gotten a lot of death threats. No one knows why people are targeting Jimin, but he's been threatened to be killed during performances more than three times. I hope he stays safe!


Real name: Kim Taehyung

Stage name: V

Birthday: December 30, 1995

Role: Vocalist

About V:

His stage name V stands for victory. V is fluent in Japanese. V is known for his box smile and his visuals. He was announced worldwide handsome in 2017. He looks like an anime character. He has a 4D personality. V has a good sense of style. He was nicknamed "Gucci Boy" because he loves to wear Gucci. Before debuting, his family was poor but his mom spent a lot of money on a designer jacket for him because she didn't want him to get made fun of. When the members first met V, they thought that he was spoiled. He was the last member to be revealed to be part of BTS because he was the 'hidden member'. V has really unique eyes. One is a mono eyelid and the other is a double eyelid. V went to the same high school as Jimin so they were already close when they joined BTS.


Real name: Jeon Jungkook

Stage name: Jungkook

Birthday: September 1, 1997

Role: Vocalist, Dancer

About Jungkook:

Jungkook is the youngest member in BTS. He was nicknamed "golden maknae (youngest)" because even though he is the youngest, he is the best at everything. He was also named "muscle pig" because he is the strongest. Jungkook loves photography and editing videos. He named his production G.C.F. That's short for Golden Closet Films. He was nicknamed "rabbit" because of his two front teeth. Jungkook has a habit of sniffling his nose and sitting on his hands. Like Jin, Jungkook is a good cook. Even though Jungkook is the youngest, he isn't scared of any of the members. Jungkook is also known to be a good dancer. He tries his best to become better. Jungkook is in love with IU, a female K-pop idol. Jungkook joined BTS because of RM. He looked up to him so when RM joined BTS, Jungkook did the same, knowing that BigHit is a small company. He had the chance to join a big, well-known company, but he didn't, and it worked out well for him.

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K-Pop Legends BTS
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