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Katy Perry's Dancer Brings The House Down In BRIT Awards Tumble

Even by Katy Perry's standards, this one was a little out there, but also a little pedestrian — that was until Left House fell from the first story and into the basement.

'The BRIT Awards' [Credit: ITV]

First there was Left Shark, now there is "Left House." Being a dancer for a multi-millionaire pop icon is no mean feat, I mean come on, first you are dressed like a Building Society piggybank, then you fall off the stage during a #KatyPerry performance in front of millions of viewers. 32-year-old Perry is known for her outlandish stage shows, and her #BRITAward show for 2017 was no exception, while also making being one of her dancers possibly the most dangerous job in showbiz.

Perry performed her latest single "Chained to the Rhythm" alongside Skip Marley, some Día de Muertos-esque skeletons, and a series of dancers who whirled around in giant house costumes. Even by Katy's standards, this one was a little out there, but also a little pedestrian — that was until Left House fell from the first story and into the basement.

The Falling Housing Market

I'm crying the House fell off the stage #BRITs2017 #KatyPerryBRITS
— Ali (@ChocMilkSheikh1) February 22, 2017

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted that the (currently unknown) "Left House" took a tumble off stage, seemingly to never return to the housing market again. Could it be a witty social commentary on the state of the housing market at the moment, or just some poor dancer who can't see through a giant f*cking house costume?

Move over Left Shark, Perry has a new cash cow. Some may remember Left Shark, the dancer from the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show, whose wild moves lead to worldwide fame, a Wiki page, and even tattoos to commemorate the occasion. How long until someone gets a tumbling house tattooed on their leg?

Image via Twitter

Aside from "bringing the house down," Perry's performance was also slightly overshadowed by the use of two giant puppets, who, viewers were quick to spot, bore a slight resemblance to a certain POTUS and Prime Minister of the UK. Not content to just take a pop at affordable housing, Perry was clearly mocking the relationship between Trump and May. Ms. Perry should soon expect to find herself under fire on Twitter and probably banned from the USA.


The BRITs have become known for their mishaps, with Left House becoming the latest since Madonna's infamous cape slip of 2015. The singer was caught by one of her dancers and dragged backwards, prompting the internet to explode with the infamous line from Pixar's The Incredibles, "No capes!" and Mage's frosty response to the person involved.

While Left House is reportedly OK, but rocked to their foundations by the tumble *cue applause*, it was undoubtedly the highlight of a rather controversial BRIT Awards. Elsewhere, "Best British Group" winners, The 1975, faux-hijacked their own show with a series of cryptic images during their performance; the incident caused the hashtag "BRITsHacked" to trend, but it was actually revealed to be the band playing previously negative comments that had been made about them in the press.

Meanwhile, David Bowie swept the awards board posthumously and Robbie Williams bowed out the show in his usual "look at me" style by performing "Love My Life." William's performance also saw two of his dancers fall over during his musical medley and one was exposed during a wardrobe malfunction — not really a show for the kids. As for Left House, prepare for internet notoriety and becoming a meme for when people ask "How is your year going?" or want to refer to Monday mornings.

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Katy Perry's Dancer Brings The House Down In BRIT Awards Tumble
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