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My First Experience

image from the KCON site

So earlier this year, I actually experienced my first KCON ever. No I didn't go to the concert if you're wondering. Mostly because it was already sold out when I was planning to go. But that's okay because I did get to see a group that I've been wanting to see for a really long time without having to go to the concert.

Alright first of all, I already know a lot of people might be going "It's supposed to be KCON NY... why is it in New Jersey?" And I will gladly answer that for you... Prudential Center is actually in Newark, New Jersey. And it also has a concert hall, hence why it's held there rather than the Javits Center. Although honestly, I would rather have it at the Javits Center because there's air conditioning in there! And with it being at the Prudential Center, it was outdoors.

So the convention itself happened on June 23 and 24 of this year. And the first day it had an overcast but the second day was hot to no end. Upon arriving there, I had to check in since I was not able to check in during the pre-check in and although I really wanted to, I couldn't skip on work since I put my availability as all the time. And it went rather quickly. I actually also ended up getting a little tote bag and a guidebook with all the schedules and such for the convention itself.

Then because I was waiting for SJWorld to arrive near the BBQ place that was nearby, I ended up making a few friends as well while waiting. And I also did notice that they were filming something for the KCON Youtube channel and I did show up in it for a brief second. And I also was there giving out photocards that I made.

After that we went on our way to see Super Junior at the KCON stage but before that we had a stop at the Star Square where we had to take pictures with certain props and then we had a chance to win something. And I actually won an Audience Pass for the Pentagon Meet and Greet. But I shall say what happened with that pass later.

So after Star Square... we went to the KCON Stage and watched some of the performance of the dance team that was there. But then after them came the ones I wanted to see the most out of everyone... Super Junior! And I somewhat left in the middle only because it got really crowded and I got a bit claustrophobic. 

Then I just went around solo for a few minutes and met up with a friend that I knew ever since 2011 and met her in person for the first time. And remember how I said I had a Pentagon Audience pass? I gave it to her! And I also gave her and her group some photocards as well.

After that I went inside the market area where I bought the BT21 RJ Study Planner and the W version of BTS' Wings (I actually bought this later on but I didn't want to say all the things I did inside the Market center). But the prices were reasonable because I was pretty used to it. Especially since the vendor for the albums that I bought it from was from the store that's in New York that I always go to.

I also went to the Super Junior Fan Meet where I met some fellow ELF and I got to meet someone that was part of the SJWorld team that I was literally hoping to meet. And I also won something there as well but I gave it to Kat because I already had the album that I won and I didn't really mind.

Later on, Kat and I went to the Chipotle that was nearby and guess who I saw inside there... Terry Song!

Then Kat and I went back inside the convention and we just hung out until I went home... for the rest of the night because I didn't have tickets to the concert.

So during day two of the convention... honestly I didn't go to the convention or concert. But I did spend like a good ten minutes at the convention. And next year I might just stay there the whole day again I would just have to make sure that I save enough money.

But I did go to Palisades Park with Kat and showed her around there for a little bit as well as my favorite cafe. Then we went to New York and I brought her to the Line Store where the BT21 stuff are at. And I was so happy that one of the employees there knew EXACTLY who I was talking about when I said "RapMon." And I also did my traditional every single time I go to the Line Store I have to take a pic hugging RJ.

And when we were on our way by to the train... I saw JRE from JREKML across the street and yelled "IS THAT JRE?!" and he looked up and nodded. And that's when I met him and took a selfie.

And we went on our way back home after.

So overall my first KCON was absolutely amazing and I really am going to make a note to go again next year and meet all the friends that I made this year once again. For those that are wondering... yes, you are able to go to KCON without going to the concert. And if you're going alone... don't worry... you will always find a new friend to hang out with and be able to hang out with them as well. As well as see some familiar faces from Youtube.

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