KR - 'The Intermission" EP Review

Who the F*^k is KR??

KR, not just another Hip Hop Artist! Photo Credit: 228th

In a day where you have to google artist’s lyrics in order to translate the mumble and even then most of the wordplay or what I dare call “Bars” come up subpar, you get a true hip-hop artist from Los Angeles by the name of KR. Not constructed or manufactured to feed labels bullshit for a quick deal, KR at the age of 22 has a respect on his name that most dreamers would have sacrificed just to have the Big Machine behind them. Yet, his hunger won’t allow him to waive that respect. Armed with a team of close-knit friends, all who are creative geniuses in their own right and who help push his movement. Is a Big Machine really even necessary? Who else has their own photographer (228th) and DJ (DJ Swanzy) at such an early stage in their career? I mean, these guys are legit professionals, not just your boy who knows how to use the photo filter settings on the gram or your boy who can put together an iTunes playlist. Nah, the team is definitely a force, a force one can only assume drives KR to create the magic he does. Anyway, It’s been awhile since I’ve seen such passion and drive to not only be apart of musical history but to deliver quality content that tells a story. If you’re looking for a quick fix, be my guest to some of his many less talented industry peers, but if you want shit fixed and fixed right, go no further than KR.

'The Intermission' Ep

KR’s The Intermission, a project coming after his 2016 album It Could Happen (Which, if you haven’t you should get in your library now!) and the interim before his upcoming project, gives you another exhibition of the talent he has to offer. The lead single “The Party” talks about a girl that really just wants to party. We’ve all been there you like someone, you put yourself out there and bam, they're unavailable emotionally on purpose or in other words the bih playing games! “Stress Riddim,” a bass-driven Island joint that guarantees to have any club lit! This track is showcasing his ability to produce a hit club joint easily. "Real Talk," my personal favorite off this project, has him spitting straight no chaser. "Been losing touch with myself it's like I'm out of control/Fuck the labels A&R's tryna get me for low," he recites in a piercing delivery, punching in and out of memories. Although this latest effort boasts only seven tracks, who else gives you something to hold you over until the next album; which is currently underway and of this quality? You will definitely want to hear more after you’ve listened to The Intermission!

“I Know,” “I Deserve,” “Represent,” and “Complicated” off the album It Could Happen by KR are honorable mentions!

The Intermission gets an 8.5 out of 10.

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"Party" (Official Music Video)

KR "Party"

"You Deserve Better" (Official Music Video)

KR "You deserve better"


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KR - 'The Intermission" EP Review