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Late Night Playlist

Some songs for nighttime listening. Whether it is spent alone in the dark or with a crowd, here are some late night songs of the R&B and hip-hop scene.

1. "Lovely" - Brent Faiyaz

"Lovely" is the first track off of the album A.M. Paradox by Brent Faiyaz.  The song talks about almost falling in love in the club and gives off the perfect late night vibe.  It starts off with soft and deep sounding vocals in the beginning, then mixes with a beat making you feel like you are in the club yourself.  This entire five-track album does a great job of portraying the late night aesthetic Faiyaz seems to have, so I suggest listening to each track.

2. "Me and Your Mama" - Childish Gambino

"Me and Your Mama" was the first single from the album Awaken, My Love! by Childish Gambino.  I like to describe this album as sounding like a dream.  The song starts off sweetly with a slow beat as it builds to the next section of loud and heavy instrumentals and vocals. Dark laughter in the background truly gives off a late night, disturbing, dream effect, but the song remains beautiful as Gambino sings about love.  The track then transitions back to a sweet dream sound until the end.

3. "Run Away" - Dvsn

"Run Away" is the first track from the album Morning After by the R&B duo Dvsn.  This is not the only Dvsn album introduced on this list, because they often make smooth and emotional songs with late night vibes, and lyrics expressing the love for nighttime affairs.  This track does a great job of transitioning into the start of an album.  Other songs from this album that fit the late night list include "Think About Me", "Don't Choose", "You Do", and "Conversations in a Diner".

4. "How Do You Love Me" - Xavier Omär & Sango

"How Do You Love Me" is a track on Hours Spent Loving You You featuring Xavier Omär and produced by Sango.  This soulful song exclaims the thoughts often pondered at night.

5. "The Line" - Dvsn

This song is the true meaning of the late night playlist.  "The Line" is the last track on the album SEPT 5TH by Dvsn.  It is a soulful song about a lover with yearning vocals and a calm beat.  This is another album with an entire track listing that would work for the late night playlist.  More specifically the songs "Hallucinations", "Too Deep", and "Do it Well".

6. "Juke Jam" - Chance the Rapper, Towkio, & Justin Bieber

"Juke Jam" is track nine on the album Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper.  This is one of the most relaxed songs on the album with sweet sounding vocals in the verses, bridge, and chorus.

7. "Nights" - Frank Ocean

"Nights" is track nine on the album Blonde by Frank Ocean.  Not only does this song have mention of late nights, but the second half has a way of giving a "nighttime in the city" vibe.

8. "Situations" - Elhae

"Situations" is the fifth track from the album AURA by Elhae.  This song features a sample of Childish Gambino singing his cover of "U Don't Have to Call" originally by Usher.  The lyrics are literally about emotional nights and missing that one person.  Elhae has released multiple songs with a similar, late-night feeling, including "Halfway Love" from the same album, and "HER." off of the album Her. Ark's Fall.

9. "Fall for Your Type" - Jamie Foxx & Drake

"Fall For Your Type" is the eighth track from Jamie Foxx's album Best Night of My Life.  The song includes smooth vocals from Foxx about falling for someone and a verse by Drake.

10. "A Place Like This" - Majid Jordan

"A Place Like This" is the last track from an album of the same title by the R&B duo Majid Jordan.  The song is about a breakup with dark beats giving off a nighttime feel.

11. "Missin Out" - Brent Faiyaz

"Missin Out" is the fifth track on Sonder Son by Brent Faiyaz.  This song has a smooth and calm sound perfect for the night.  Sonder Son is another one of those albums I would consider a late night album.  Each track tells a story and includes deep emotion.

12. "Feel" - Sonder

"Feel" is the first track on the album Into by Sonder.  Sonder is an R&B trio including Brent Faiyaz, and producers Atu and Dpat. The song sounds as the title says. This, and "Too Fast", the fourth track on this album, are great additions to this playlist.

Listen to these songs and a few more on my Spotify playlist:

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Late Night Playlist
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