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Let Life Flow, Like Mozart

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Dear Readers:

When we talk about our future or our past, we can easily notice that we get caught up with all sorts of feelings — we dwell in the worry for our future or the lament for our past. Living in the intense demand of productivity and keeping up with the social-media-cramped society could be stressful and lonely. Our present moments are often compensated by the feelings we have for the future and the past, what about now? What do you think to create you feelings for your “now"?

At this moment, I’m listening to this piano concerto by Mozart, a pure demonstration of an effortless genius with miraculous flows of intelligence. I invite you to listen with me and let the music gush through your veins with its extraordinary brilliance.

This Rondo movement strikes me as an exuberant stream of sparkling spring water. The solo piano starts with such unstoppable, bursting energy, followed by the jubilant echo from the orchestra. As it flows, I feel like a happy kid being hugged by a rainbow color marshmallow, my skin becomes rose color and there is sweet serenity in my own eyes.

The most special passage is when the melody appears at 2’37”, starting from a simple scale in the piano with the bubbly pizzicatos in the strings; the magic begins at 2’43’, when the woodwinds repeat the melody from the piano. If you look at the music score, it is just an E major scale. Yet, I’m stunned by how a simple ascending scale can do such intangible magic, perhaps it can be only done by Mozart. This little precious fraction awakes my eyes of wonder with its emerging and uplifting momentum, it feels like a soothing light touching on the skin, accompanied by whispery giggles.

If you find it difficult to focus on the present, please forget about the word “focus” and just be happy and content at this very moment, as we are connected to one another through this extraordinary music that was written 230 years ago. Mozart was known for his unapologetic spontaneity — he barely edited any of his music, yet his authenticity is so empowering that his music lasts for hundreds of years. We may choose to let life flow the way Mozart did in his music, as he was a genius in music and we are masters of our lives. “Now" is perfect. 

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Let Life Flow, Like Mozart
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