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Lil Durk 'Signed To The Streets 2.5' Review

A Track By Track Review

Click the video to listen to Durk's latest mixtape. 

After releasing several mixtapes this year, Lil Durk is keeping his foot on the gas. Signed to the Streets 2.5 is here, and it’s time for a review of Durk’s latest effort. Will it hold his fans off until his next release? Read on…

  1. “The Story 2.5” – Durk starts off this tape with some introspection. He reflects on the street’s past and current affairs. Along this trip down memory lane are numerous shout-outs to associated acts like Chief Keef, and others that matter to him. He even dishes his two cents on emerging artists: “all the upcoming rappers I salute ya/ don’t get in my way tryna get some fame, I’ll shoot ya.” All of Durk’s best attributes are on display here: cadence, an ear for melody, and his grittiest bars.
  2. “Don’t Love” ft. Derez Deshon – “Just know that shit a lie when they say they love you.” That line says it all. What’s remarkable about artists like Lil Durk is their knack for maintaining an underdog presence despite years of success. It’s the same relentless persona that endures in G Herbo’s latest project. Even though I commend Durk for these things, this song doesn’t fully strike a chord for me. The feature on this is underwhelming and the hook isn’t Durk at his catchiest. I can’t see myself revisiting this much.
  3. “Make It Out” – The piano instrumental on this track is dope. It sets the mood for Durk to get introspective like on the intro. Durk wrestles with escapism this time. Likewise, those in his surroundings deal with this by distracting themselves with drugs. This will be on repeat for some time.
  4. “India” – “Durkyooooo;” it’s hard not to cringe at this line. It’s hilarious. It’s amazing how good of a handicap auto-tune has been in the last ten years for rappers who don’t have the skills to craft R&B. Durk isn’t the greatest vocalist, but he finds his notes at times. I’m not impressed by this track though. It’s skippable.
  5. “Too Raw” – There seems to be a charge up for a kamehameha in the background (if you’ve never watched DBZ…leave this review). This track is Durk at his most cut-throat. It’s a few seconds shy of two minutes, but it’s an effective segway into the next track.
  6. “Basically Fr.” – This is one of the best tracks on this project. With ad-libs from Young Thug, Durk goes on a fact stating crusade over a tumultuous banger. Bump this in traffic; thank me later.
  7. “Streets Want Me” ft. Moneybag Yo – “The streets want me, I’m signed to the streets.” Yeah, I think you made that point already. This instrumental is lighter and more colorful. Durk is simultaneously appreciative and incredulous of the streets. But what better way to get rap points than to shout out the BasedGod?! He wants Lil B to give fake rappers his rare Based Curse. Moneybag Yo complements this track as well. In terms of song arrangement, this track makes sense next to track eight.
  8. “Feel Good” ft. YFN Lucci – This is more trap-R&B Durk. Songs like this are for the street dudes that don’t want to be caught bumping Miguel so they mean-mugg it while they bump this. It’s a good niche environment that Durk is getting better at. It’s enjoyable listening to Durk and Lucci defy generic song structures by trading verses back and forth.
  9. “True Colors” – The outro is just as compelling as the intro. This is a great track to ride to at night. Durk comes with bars like, “Black power in my blood, my cousin Leigh a panther” and “Bitches screaming ‘Fake Love’ like a Drake tour.” Not to mention this hook is infectious.

Essential Tracks:

“The Story 2.5”

“Make It Out”

“Basically fr”

“Feel Good” ft. YFN Lucci

“True Colors”

The Verdict:

Overall, this is a solid project from Durk. There’s more quality than quantity, allowing Durk to deliver according to his strengths. The supporting cast isn’t too shabby either. This project should satisfy Durk fans until Signed to The Streets 3. Signed to the Streets 2.5 is a B. 

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Lil Durk 'Signed To The Streets 2.5' Review
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