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'LIMITS' - A Music Video Trip

Jump out, Jump out, and Get Up

Max Koffler - "LIMITS" on YouTube

Max Koffler and his Berlin-based label sonsounds released a brand-new trippy music video for his electroclash track LIMITS, showing Max falling down from seventh floor several times shouting, "Life is an arrangement with Limits."

Based on a hooky 90s-style house organ riff and a mesmerizing dance beat, its dirty but brilliant production almost gives the track the power of grunge rock, with Max speaking lyrics in the verses and singing a catchy high-pitched melody in the choruses, before song and video both explode in the final.


The video has been entirely created by the Max himself as a kind of DIY project following the aesthetics of his first self-made video for his song 'THE FIRE IS YOURS'—released in 2016—where he could be watched as an ensemble of a 5-person band of doppelgangers playing all the instruments on his own, before in the end the completely white room went up in fire.

'Limits' - The Video

This time—at least in the beginning of the video—there is just one Max, who can be seen falling down from seventh floor of a Berlin ‘Plattenbau’ backyard (a GDR social architecture high building). He survives opening one eye and gets up again in order to instantly run back straight to his apartment and jump down once more rapping the verses, and then once more singing the chorus and then another time…

Sounds quite weird, and it actually is, but becomes even more exciting the more often one watches that whole story till its end.

The Making

Perspectives change and moving pictures are laid above one another: when the song is getting quiet with subtle suspense movie strings attached in the background, the camera is looking straight ahead into the hallway with a figure seen from top opening a door into the room where a large hand pulls aside the windows’ curtain flashing into the grand final showing several versions of the singing Max falling deep down into quickly approaching water drawings on which is written "Limits."

And then he lands, and gets up again, and then...

Something unexpected happens when the music is over—another perspective.

Falling Into Art

the final fall

Video, song, and their production are products of extensive experimentation, yet Max does not strive for artificial purity or perfection: "Songs need to have rough edges and be a bit raw. A focus on ironing out errors sanitizes the sound. We try to do also the opposite—preserving the rough edges while letting them enrich the music. As a result, the songs are meant to hopefully feel more organic; and become interesting because mistakes gain attention." In this way, the artist embraces creative accidents, and makes them integral to the composition.

And of such kind the music video is, too.

The Track

The song resembles a 2000s electro clash sound, combined with the raw power of 90s rock anthems with lyrics that add to the music’s mad affair a contemplative mind pondering about the limitations life has to offer: “It’s sneaking in the corners, appearing when we face giving chase to the core. Tell me what it’s all for. What are we in? Who gets us out? Of what? One claims: life is an arrangement with limits.

The Album

GAMES by Max Koffler - with a painting by Albert Oehlen

While the video of Limits was fully created by Max alone, for the finalization of his songs he received support from one of the big guys in the music production biz: 4-time Grammy-award winner Jimmy Douglass mixed and mastered Limits and Max’ entire album GAMES (which was released in 2017) and gave his rough recordings a darkly shining pop hit appeal.

Can you imagine that? Better watch it.

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'LIMITS' - A Music Video Trip
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