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Mac Miller's Death and the Drama Behind It

Let him rest in peace.

If you haven't heard yet the rapper Mac Miller has passed away. He was twenty-six when he passed away from a drug overdose. He was found at his home Friday, September 7th, 2018 and was pronounced deceased at the scene.

I am not one to write about the news or media, I try and stay away from those subjects it just isn't my cup of tea. But I feel I should share why Mac Miller, whose legal name is Malcolm McCormick death is blowing up. Someone is being blamed for his death, his former girlfriend Ariana Grande. Within hours of his death, the internet was mourning or taking their anger out on Ariana Grande. Fingers were being pointed, as the world found out about Mac Miller's sudden passing.

The couple had started dating in 2016 and it lasted only two years before Ariana ended the relationship back in May of 2018. She had referred to Mac Miller as her best friend once. The two were pretty close and seemed to have a loving and perfect relationship.

The two had connected over a tweet a few years ago, and worked together on a few songs and falling in love along the way. You can find all their songs on YouTube if you haven't heard them or would like to listen to them again.

So why after two years would Ariana leave Mac? Well, a lot of things go unnoticed behind the scenes, a lot that most of us will never know about. A huge part of her leaving was due to Mac's drug addiction that was quickly growing out of hand over the years. Deciding she could not handle it anymore, she left Mac Miller while tweeting that he gets himself some help. She had stated it was not her responsibility to stick around and help fight his drug problem, she was not his mother. And a lot of us agree with her and stand behind her for her reasoning to leave.

They even kept things friendly after breaking up, even though Mac seemed to take the break up pretty hard while Ariana found someone else after she ended the relationship.

Malcolm McCormick was born a Capricorn, January 19th 1992 in Pittsburgh PA. He has left behind parents and a brother. Malcolm had taught himself how to play a few instruments like the piano and guitar. And in his mid-teens started to go forth with his music career which created Mac Miller we all love. He started his career in 2010, finally getting a signing deal. And everything went up from there for a while. Mac Miller had come so far in such a short time, winning the hearts of his growing fans. Mac had talent, and sadly we will not see how far it could of gone.

Malcolm has done a lot more in his life than most of us, and sadly it got cut short due to drugs. Many people mourn the loss of once again losing another loved artist, it is hard to lose someone you look up too and enjoy what they create.

Rest easy Mac Miller, we know if you were here you would be saying the same thing some of us are. Stop blaming Ariana, she was not the cause or reason for all of this. We will all miss you, but not as much as Ariana will. Hopefully, this will show people that no matter who you are drugs will end up killing you.

"Overdosing is not cool, there's no legendary romance. You don't go down in history because you overdosed, you just die."- Mac Miller.

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Mac Miller's Death and the Drama Behind It
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