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MadeinTYO - 'True's World' EP

A Track by Track Review

Get acquainted with Atlanta rapper, MadeinTYO. 

MadeinTYO (pronounced: Made in Tokyo) will be one to watch in the coming years. He attracted a large following after dropping his single "Uber Everywhere." Since then, he has secured features from the likes of Travis Scott, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and even earned a spot on XXL magazine. As he preps for the release of his debut album, Tokyo has left us with his True's World EP. Oh, you've never heard this?! Well read on... 

1.) “True’s World”- This song is named after Tokyo's son, True. Aside from wanting to get rich and loving rap, Tokyo's last ventures lacked conviction. Bangers like “Skateboard P” played it safe, and didn’t reveal anything about the young MC that was noteworthy. One would think that an American who spent time in Japan would have something to say about it, but he doesn't seem willing to share. His fans aren’t looking for him to be incredibly introspective either, but a change in pace and transparency would separate him from the pack. Titling this EP 'True’s World' is a step in the right direction; even if it’s just a baby step.

With that being said, he feels like “XXL chose a real nigga.” Tokyo wants to live up to the hype and "not let his fans down.” His flow on this track is ice-cool; he’s laid back as he reflects on how he “wasn’t good in school,” and the new direction his life has taken. It’s hard not to imagine yourself front row at his concerts when he declares, “When I say true, y’all say world. True! World!”

2.) “Depends”- Give credit to Tokyo and his production team. This piano instrumental has the dexterity and catchy melodies of a Zaytoven or London on Da Track beat. The flow switches up in the second verse, along with those ad-libs that will have you saying “oooo” and “yea” in the mirror before you attend that party. The bass starts to get bouncier from this point onward, as a flute seamlessly intertwines with the beat. Tokyo is fashionably indecisive. He has so many choices that he can’t pick one. Bump this when you can’t decide what to wear.

3.) “Cashing Out”- I like the “oooo” ad libs. This is reminiscent of a Zaytoven beat as well. If nothing else, these past three songs survive off of Tokyo's mellow bragging, too-cool-for-school persona, and production.

4.) “Too Quick”- The sonic palette which he draws from on this track comes from producer, Nard & B. This is easily the best track on this project. He rides the beat well and dishes out imagery such as, “Baby blue porche/ that shit look like hypnotiq.” Elsewhere, he compares his jewelry to ice cream and raps, “Mr. Ice Cream Truck/ can you ice me up?”

5.) “Eating”- I’m sure he had good intentions with this track; I’m sure his significant other loves it, but the vocal performance on this is laughable. If I commend this song for anything, it's that it shows a different side to Tokyo than what we've seen before.

6.) “Yah Dig”- “Open the gate ya dig/ copy and paste my shit/ heard they hate on the kid.” TYO isn’t so influential or different that I take this hook seriously. If anything, his contemporaries opened the door for his sound. Tokyo is distinguishable enough where I don’t feel like he’s biting, but there isn't anyone imitating him. This track is also barely two minutes, which makes it a slightly underwhelming outro. For the most part though, it’s a good jam with a nice woozy flute instrumental.

The Verdict

This is Tokyo’s most cohesive project yet. His too-cool persona sounds engaging on most of these beats. He isn't extremely forthright about his journey up until this point, but perhaps the emergence of a child in his life will change that. It’ll be interesting to see what direction he takes with the debut album he’s working on. True’s World is a B-

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MadeinTYO - 'True's World' EP
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