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Matt Massey’s ‘Broken’ Single

Song Review

Matt Massey may be a newbie in the world of solo music, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to his music. That's because he's been doing the band thing since he was a teenager. Now he's out with his debut solo album, Dear Today. Dear Today was just released earlier in 2018. While he may just be emerging into the world of solo tunes, you’ll find this single, “Broken,” is a powerhouse - and it’s a sign that Massey is serious about his music.

One of the amazing things about this album from Massey is that he chose to make a full-band sound without the full band. Like the world of independent singer/songwriters, Massey played all of the instruments himself - which includes doing vocals, as well as playing guitar, bass, and drums. He also recorded and produced the album completely on his own, in his own home, using a home Pro Tools rig. While this isn’t a new concept in the world of music, it does show ingenuity and drive (which also show in this song). Not all musicians have the talent or ambition to pull something off like this.

This song has a solid opening - you’ll know exactly what I am talking about when you give it a listen. It really focuses on the vocals and the guitar in the beginning. However, as the song progresses the music fills out. “Built” is indie rock bordering on metal mastery. The lyrics tell a story of life and how we just need to keep pushing on through.

Rock fans will dig the stellar guitar solo, which just adds to the rock power of the tune. You’d really never know that only one man was behind this song - it’s such a well made and well-played track that you imagine an entire band jamming together as you listen.

There are little intricacies to this song. I like the “hey, hey, hey…” part at the beginning and toward the end. It made me think of a punk rock song. At the beginning, there are also some neat effects with the vocals you’ll enjoy.

The drums are killer and definitely contribute to the metal sound of the song, blending well with Massey’s angry sounding voice - he definitely has the vocal chops for a mild-metal sound.

“I’m built with broken pieces, just like brand new.”

If you’ve ever had to start over, whether it was after losing a job or a friend/relationship, you’ll find empowerment in this song. Just because you’ve been broken doesn’t mean you get to build yourself up again and become something brand new - and something stronger than you were before.

What I like most about this song as that while it has a bit of a dark edge to it, it’s really a positive and empowering song. Its lyrics may be the anthem that gets you back up on your feet again after your band breaks up or your marriage ends.

If you’ve been feeling down, “Built” is a song that will help you get back up and dust yourself off again. Each line will help you add one more piece back to the puzzle that is you, and you will be able to feel whole again. I loved that this song made me feel joy - both at the positive message hidden within and at the metal undertones that had me giddy for more.

If you like this music review, please take a moment to check out some more of my reviews of awesome tunes here on Vocal/Beat. I have new reviews up almost weekly. You’ll find an array of musical genres covered, so you’re bound to find something you like.

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Matt Massey’s ‘Broken’ Single
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