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Matty T. Wall’s Sidewinder

A Southern Blues Rock Feel

Matty T. Wall is a native Australian that is here to rock your socks off. His new collection of tunes, Sidewinder, is rock gold. The guitars on this album shred, and you’ll get a taste of that right from the first track, “Slideride,” which is a purely instrumental song focusing on that shredding guitar.

This album is laced with steaming hot southern rock. The title track, “Sidewinder,” is a gem. This is clean southern rock—it’s not grungy in the vocals or in the sound. I like this about it - it’s just great lyrics with some kickin’ guitars and an excellent band backing up the lead talent that is Matty T. Wall.

You can check out the video for “Sidewinder” on YouTube. It’s a simple video giving you a look at Matty and his backing band. What it really gives you is a chance to check out this killer music and give you a reason to go find this awesome album of rockin’ tunes.

This is definitely an album that rock fans, those of you that know what real rock is (not the stuff that poses as rock these days), will dig this album. From the 70s southern rock to 80s hard rock, this is an album for those fans.

“Something Beautiful” is a slower song with a bit of a love song feel to it. This song has a little less of that rock edge, but it’s still a great song. It’s like a Top 40 track, not an adult contemporary song. I like that it shows Matty’s talent and makes the album accessible to more people. The addition of some horns in this track also makes it something worth a listen.

“Change Is Gonna Come” is a song in which Matty embraces his blues side. This is my favorite track so far. It is a track that seems to come effortlessly to the singer - and it is nothing less than authentic rock blues. The lyrics are amazing.

“Can’t Stop Thinking” picks the beat back up again. The guitars are gritty in this track, and it’s a delightful sound coming from a couple of mellow tunes. This song has a bit of a rock blues sound too though, kind of reminiscent of some bluesy Great White.

“You gave me all your loving; now you’re giving me the blues.”

“Shake It” starts with a bluesy tidbit, but it’s really a head-nodding toe-tapping track. This one still sticks with the blues-rock sound. I like these tracks the best - I feel like Matty has a knack for the blues sound when it’s laced with some rock n’ roll. This one really gave me some 80s vibes.

I don’t want to give away the secrets of every single song on this album. Let's just say it’s a great collection of tunes that jump genres, but always rock. Matty has a knack for writing lyrics, but even the instrumental tracks (there’s more than one) rock and make you want to listen to the entire track. I had to listen to the entire album, even though I decided not to talk about every song—it’s just that good.

Some songs have the horns as an integral part of the music, almost giving the music a big band feel. This is especially so on “Walk Out The Door.” It’s another bluesy track - and that’s where I am going to leave you, wanting more!

If you like this music review, please take a moment to check out some more of my reviews of awesome tunes here on Vocal/Beat. I have new reviews up almost weekly. You’ll find an array of musical genres covered, so you’re bound to find something you like.

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Matty T. Wall’s Sidewinder
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