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Mavara Makes Epic Music

Iran's first premier progressive rock band.

For anyone that likes progressive rock and enjoys experimental music, I give you Mavara. They are an intriguing band with a sound that is reminiscent of Dream Theater, while their press release compares them to Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd, among others.

According to the press release, "Mavara is Iran's first premier progressive rock band." As awesome and talented as they are, I hope they won’t be the last. Their name, Mavara, translates to “beyond everything you think.” This seems a truly fitting name for a prog rock band with experimental sounds.

While most of the songs on this album average around six-minutes in length, the first song is over eleven. It starts will a voice over clip, which is really interesting to listen to. I think that, right before the music starts, a cow gets slaughtered. It’s a little strange, but it leads into a pretty powerful progressive song.

Mavara has been together as a band for six years. They are Farhood Ghadiri on keyboards and synthesizers (he is also the composer), Ashkan Hamedi on vocals and Guitar, Sina Khodaiefer on bass, Anis Oveisi on keyboards, and Jim Welch on Drums. This album, Consciousness, which is their fourth, dropped on September 11 and you can purchase it through Bandcamp and Amazon, among other places.

Once “Invasion (636 Gregory Calendar)” switches to actual music it will blow you away. The music is melodic and epic. The Dream Theater comparison actually came from this song, as I was listening my boyfriend made note that the music resembled that sound. You’ll enjoy listening to this song, and the others, if you are a fan of this type of music, and even if you aren’t it is an interesting listen.

“Love For Centuries” has a beautiful piano intro, simple and drawing. It’s a romantic song with a romantic sound. It’s an epic love song, with all the beauty of well-played instruments and lyrics that speak love and devotion.

“Childhood” is a little less epic. It’s probably my least favorite song on the album. I like the lyrics, but I feel like the instruments drowned out the vocals a bit too much. “Living The Fast Life” picks the pace up again with metal riffs beginning the song. You may start to think you’re listening to some Iron Maiden for a moment. This is my favorite song intro on the album. The song itself is good, but the vocals don’t fit that intro and the beat gets a little more mellow once the singing starts. The chorus is a little rougher, but it still doesn’t live up to that intro.

The songs stick with a certain sound throughout the album, even though they don’t all sound the same. The instrumentation is amazing throughout. At ten songs long the album fills almost an hour of time. It’s a must-listen for fans of prog rock.

Watch the video for "Time Makers"

I enjoyed watching the video for “Time Makers.” It’s simply a lyric video, but they did take some time and get creative with it. They somewhat animated the album cover, making the background of it move around some. It’s kind of eerie, actually, but I like eerie. There’s also fire in the video, so that makes it even cooler. Many lyric videos you see are dull and simply share the lyrics on a solid screen or over pictures of the band. I like that they took the time to create something different.

This particular song is my favorite on the album. I like everything about it, from the instruments to the vocals. The lyrics are awesome on this one. “Time is a state of mind.” No truer words have ever been spoken.

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Mavara Makes Epic Music
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