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Meet Times Like These

Get ready to feel nostalgic about your teenage pop-punk emo days.

From New York City, Times Like These is a fresh take on classic pop punk. With songwriting driven by youthful fervor and catchy hooks, Times Like These went from their first backyard show in the summer of 2016 to a sold-out EP release show in their hometown of Long Island in 2018. The four-piece, consisting of vocalist Mike Acampora, bassist Zach Dyer, guitarist Eddie Giuffo, and drummer Cody Omage, have toured throughout the East coast, finding new fans everywhere they go with their energetic and intimate live performances.

TLT just released a new EP mixed by Rian Dawson of All Time Low.  Along with a new music video of their song, “Take Me Home.” This band gives us a feeling of nostalgia of the easy times when we listened to All Time Low and Blink 182. We talk to TLT about their newest releases and everything we can expect from them!

Q1) 2019 has been crazy for TLT so far. What has it been like with your most recent releases?

It’s been really great! We dropped our EP on January 1st and we’ve got nothing but love since. It’s been amazing.

Q2) A little bird told us the legendary Rian Dawson helped you with your most recent EP! What has that been like? How was that experience?

Rian Dawson and his assistant Dan had a huge part in helping us with our track "Take Me Home." Both of them are so talented and so creative. They really help you get outside of the box create music and get inspired in ways you normally don’t. It was an amazing experience and we would love to work with them again.

Q3) Your listeners compare you to quite a few legendary pop punk/pop rock bands who have made history. How does that make you feel? And which band do you think TLT relates to most?

We love hearing what people think of TLT and how people take to our sound. We never take it as an insult when someone says we remind them of another band cause at the end of the day, we’re not that other band, we’re TLT and we always will be. We probably do relate to ATL or 5SOS the most. We also get compared to those two bands the most. Great bands!

Q4) If you could open for absolutely any band, who would it be?

Opening up for 5 Seconds of Summer would be a blast!

Q5)What inspires you guys when you make music?

It’s always something different, to be honest. I find myself writing lyrics randomly throughout the day cause I saw something or heard something that inspired me. I will say I find I’m most inspired in writing the further I am away from home. When you’re out of your element and you’re in an unfamiliar place, your brain kinda has to open up and work more than it usually does which is helpful when making music.

Q6) What inspired your recent EP, “Take Me Home,” and how is it different from your past music?

We had just gotten back from our June Tour and we were all just winding down from the tour and I just felt like I was ready to write and so did the rest of TLT. "Take Me Home" is different from our past releases just by the “pop-influenced” direction we chose to go in. All of us love what we previously created but we wanted to take a step into a different sound that wasn’t too far off from what we already sound like and it seems so far that everyone likes it and we’re super stoked that they do!

Q7) What is something you would want your listeners to know about you?

We all LOVE dogs and try to spend most of our time with dogs.

Q8) What can we expect from TLT in the future?

I can’t say too much yet, but we will be touring a lot and releasing a cover or two! Keep your eyes on our social media cause you never know when we might randomly drop something!
There is no stopping "Times Like These," and we can only expect amazing things from them!

Times Like These — 'Take Me Home' (Official Music Video)

Check out their new music video, "Take Me Home!" 

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Meet Times Like These
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