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Mellow Music from Mark Rogers

A Review of the EP 'Rearranged'

Music is a strange and wondrous thing. If you’re an avid listener, like I am, you should be able to relate to that statement. I say it's strange and wondrous, or beautiful and amazing because I notice fluctuations in my musical tastes. I don’t listen to much “new” music unless it’s independent. I listen to a LOT of music though. So, what music is playing on my radio, in my boombox, on my Youtube? Well, music from the past, of course.

My problem with music today is that everyone seems to be doing the same things, it’s all about “gimmicks,” and you can tell that the “big” bands and musicians aren’t putting the love into their music that independent musicians are.

But while I prefer music that has a decade or more of radio play and record spins under its belt, I still like new music when it’s being put out by people that make music because they love it, not because their label is forcing them to create the next top ten hit.

Mark Rogers’ EP Rearranged has some songs on it that could be top ten on adult contemporary charts. This is especially true of the first track, “Right Here.” This song begins with somewhat of a country vibe, but it doesn’t stick with a country sound. It’s a nice mellow tune that will make you smile.

I dig the lyrics to these songs. Each song tells a story, and they are stories you want to focus on. Each word of each song matters in some way. “Slow Parade” is one of my favorites of the six songs on this EP. It’s a love song, of sorts. It sticks with that mellow sound that the album began with.

“I Can’t Say Why,” is a little more upbeat, but it’s still a slower song. The guitar work on this track stands out and gives it a positive sound. I love songs that are uplifting, whether it comes from the music or the lyrics (or both).

“Waiting,” is a song you’ll want to slow dance to. It has some twangy guitar just lightly playing in the background, making this song feel a bit on the side of country music, but the lyrics say something else. It doesn’t “sound” like a country song, but it almost has a bit of a country-waltz feel. This track also has a sad feeling within the lyrics.

“Takes Me Back Again,” has kind of a jazz and blues edge to it. It stands out from the other songs with this different beat. It still has the stellar songwriting that the rest of these tracks have though.

“The Blue of December,” is the final track on the EP, and it slows things down to a nice mellow and relaxing beat. The keys in this track are what stand out the most. It gives it a whimsical feel. 

Listen and buy here.

Rearranged is Rogers debut EP. He intends to release a full-length album this year. You can feel classic influences, jazz and blues influences, and even country influences in the music by this singer/songwriter. Rogers hails from Virginia. He started music when he was young, but gave it up to raise a family. Thank goodness he’s back.

The press release for this album states that Rogers is a Beatles fan, and you can feel a little bit of that influence in this music, especially in the lyrics. This is an album for fans of music that is slow and calming, but not dull. Nothing boring is going on with these six tracks.

This fantastic new music was brought to you by the good people of Whiplash PR & Marketing

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Mellow Music from Mark Rogers
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