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"Michael Jackson: This Is It": A Bittersweet Look at What Was to Come

Long Live Michael Jackson, the undisputed King of Pop!

Michael Jackson's rockumentary, This Is It, was released after the King of Pop's tragic and untimely passing in 2009. This is It documents the rehearsals for what was supposed to be Michael's musical comeback. The documentary was directed by seasoned veteran director Kenny Ortega.

 Without a shadow of a doubt, This Is It was being able to see what was to come and what was in store in these concerts and what was to come in the career of Michael Jackson after making his comeback. 

I saw Michael Jackson's This Is It during it's theatrical release in the local cinema where I live called Cinema 6. To see it on the silver screen in a dark movie theatre was amazing! 

Had he lived, it can safely be said that the series of concerts in London that he had been preparing and rehearsing for were going to be some of the most amazing Michael Jackson concerts ever! If memory serves correctly, these shows and why they were going to be given could be taken one of two ways. 

One, as I said, a part of the long awaited King of Pop comeback as a performer after an absence from the stage. Two would be based upon what he had said in the press conference to announce the set of shows "this is it, the final curtain call," an actual quote from Michael Jackson.

After all this is the King of Pop we're talking about so the London residency were going to be some of Michael Jackson's best ever! 

Not only do we get to see the routines for the songs that were in the set but we were given access in the film to go 'behind the scenes' and see everything that was taking place and being done to make his residency at the O2 Arena the success that it was surely going to be. 

 Being that Michael Jackson was an artist, performer, and showman who gave his best and nothing else would ever do that is why only the best dancers were chosen, the best musicians as well for his backing band were also selected, and so on. 

Watching Michael Jackson's This is It in a dark theatre on a large movie screen, I should also mention, where I was sitting made a difference in how I would experience the film. In other words, if I sat in a back row my experience of the film would not be the same as it would be if I sat in one of the rows closer to the screen to get the full Michael Jackson experience. Michael Jackson's This Is It is one of the best concert films I've ever seen! 

"Earth Song" is one of Michael Jackson's lesser known songs.

It was recorded for his "HIS tory" album project released in 2 parts, "HIS tory Volume 1" and "HIS tory Volume 2."

In 1995, King of Pop came to my town to shoot the video for the song. The song is about saving and protecting the rainforest, which is one of Earth's most precious and natural resources. Also, the video shoot took place in a local corn field.

Every night, I would go by the shoot with my mommy when I would go with her to her job and even if we were just driving by I was always trying to get a look. "Earth Song" was one of the songs that would have been on the 02 Arena residency.

The best way to describe the musical extravaganza that was to be is to imagine all of his iconic videos recreated on stage. 

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"Michael Jackson: This Is It": A Bittersweet Look at What Was to Come
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