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Mike Stud: '4THEHOMIES' Album Review

A Deeper Look into What Could Be Mike Stud's Final Album

4THEHOMIES Album Cover

With the announcement of The Final Tour, Mike Stud released what could be his final album. Mike originally planned to release this album as This Isn't the Album Part II as a follow up to This Isn’t the Album in 2015, but released 4THEHOMIES with 23 songs instead. I am a little late on this review, but after taking the time to sit down and listen to the album full-length, I thought I would share my opinion for the rest of you. Let’s get into it!


The first song starts of with an instrumental intro and lyrics that speak of Stud’s success and how he’s not ready to give it up. I would like to assume that the song is supposed to talk about his career and how no matter what music he’s put out, it’s not been enough to be at the top and stay there, if there is even a top.

"Saved from the City" (feat. Vory)

This is probably my favorite song off of the album. If anyone out there has grown up in a toxic small town, you would probably understand this song on that level. There’s an animosity in a small town that success isn’t really an option. There’s not much love, rather than hopes that everyone else gets stuck in the same small town, with all the trash talking and drama. If you have a chance to get out of that environment, do it. The lyrics that I relate to most are, "ain’t no love, ain’t no love, there’s just hate in the city. She wanna get saved from the city." I loved the town I grew up in, it helped shaped me into the person I am, but there is definitely the small town toxicity involved with it.

"Big Mood"

Mike Stud is known for his party anthems, and ‘Big Mood’ pays respect to this. Back to a instrumental bop in the background and the upbeat tunes and lyrics make you want to grab a drink and start dancing. "Drinkin' out the bottle, that’s a big mood." I’ve been through the college party scene and this is one of those songs that’ll be played throughout the scene.

"Glass Heart"

The beginning of the song reminds me of "God’s Plan" by Drake and the flow of the song reminds me of another similar song, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. But, the song as a whole embodies the view of someone who wants to have the hottest of the hot under their arm, and a woman who wants a sugar daddy. I mean, ladies, you don’t need a man, but if you want a sugar daddy, no one is judging.

"Can't Say No"

This song was teased to fans in the summer of 2017, but was held off until the fall of 2018. After listening to the song a few times, I assumed the song is telling fans the story of a relationship. With the fights and how they come back to each other and how Mike can’t say no to this girl. "I go right, you go left, but you stay on my mind I do this, you know that, keep me staying alive Yeah we dealt with some sh*t, I'm still playing my cards And I can't say no." It’s to assume that most of us have had that relationship in the past that was toxic, but you couldn’t resist the urges and the vibes of the good times together. I want to assume that this is about a past relationship since the song is mostly describing a negative relationship. OR the lyrics can be taken as a girl who is playing with his heart and Mike is on a constant chase with her.

"It Ain't Safe"

I love this song off the album, although not my favorite, I love Mike’s take with just a simple guitar and a monotone voice over it. This song is relate-able to anyone who has feelings and can get into their feels. Basically, this song takes you through that mindset and just thoughts while you’re alone and thinking about life.

"21 Sadness" (feat. Goody Grace)

We love a good sad boi song. "She's stuck in 21 sadness, 21 sadness / Oh she, she got a big ego / Gotta fake a smile everywhere that she go / That's 21 sadness, 21 sadness." I just graduated college, and unfortunately, you see this song embody a lot of girls. When women turn 21 and start to go and party, they start out with the BIGGEST MOOD of being independent and about themselves and feeling themselves and tend to neglect those around them. Eventually the parties fade and friends stop going out to spend time with their significant others, and there’s a choice to be made. Do you keep putting off the persona of a independent mood, or do you start to settle in what happens after. The life you put on social media isn’t always the life people live. So just take a second to make sure your head isn’t always in the party scene, or you could stuck in "21 Sadness."


Going back to that trend of social media isn’t always the lifestyle, social media is also NOT A SOURCE OF VALIDATION. You don’t need to post scandalous pictures to validate how beautiful you are. Stud expresses concern of not being enough for the girl. Posting pictures on the internet so that more people give her attention which can bring distress to a relationship 100 percent of the time. So ask yourself, why? Why do you need the validation on social media?

"Lost Me" (feat. Vory)

I keep feeling this trend of toxic relationships and this song continues the trend. This song pays tribute to the luxurious life of a woman in luxury and her man getting her anything she wants and then taking advantage of that.


If there was a song that was a flex for Mike Stud it would be this one. It’s about having the best of the best and not really caring about it either. That is more of just a normal thing rather than something above and beyond.

"Mirrors on the Ceiling"

It’s a baby making song, and we Stan it. Paying ode to what I assume is Stud’s girlfriend, Mirrors on the Ceiling is a love song about the beauty and passion of a special someone.

"Sooner or Later"

If you want a good summer music jam to ride around with the windows down, I would say this son is the one for you. Living life happy is more important that wallowing in your troubles and doubt. Stud does a nice job of keeping the subtle upbeat music with meaningful lyrics. Don’t worry about those who hate on you and those that doubt you. Keep your head high and live life like it is your own because it is your own! "Life is short, but we in it for the long run."

"High Hopes"

A fun fact about this song is that it actually started as a freestyle on his Instagram, but Stud ended up turning it into a song for the album. That’s all I really have to say other than its a bop and a song that’ll make you want to dance around.


We start out with a ukulele sounding instrument and then goes into the beat with his lyrics on his love life and his vacation in Hawaii. Its telling us the one sided story of his as he’s relaxation on a beach. This song was also released as a single in summer of 2018.

"Play'round" (feat. Vory)

We have another life hitting song from Stud about not taking life for advantage and not messing around with anyone that does. Staying in your lane and being you is the best way to life, mind your own business and life will treat you right.

"Do It"

This song to me is paying homage to those who support him and follow him. I give Mike Stud credit for this song due to his dedication to the music industry. He started in his dorm room and now he goes off kind of unnoticed, but man is his fan base loyal as heck.

"Back Off"

This is another one of those songs where you’ve never heard it, but you’ve heard it a million times. The beat sounds like other songs I’ve heard, basically the same hook is repeated a whole lot of times, but other than that the song is decent.

"Things I Like"

I mean, this song is pretty self explanatory. A list of things that Mike Stud enjoys. Watermelon, baseball Apple Pie, Disneyland. Just kidding, that's just the intro. This song was also released as a single in 2017, so that’s late to put a song on an album, but I get what Mike was doing. More than likely you already know this song is another love song and knowing someone else is into you.

"The End"

When I was first listening to this album, I was kind of surprised to hear an acoustic song come from Mike Stud, but dang did it hit me right in the feels. If you’ve ever been in a toxic relationship SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK that it is so hard to leave the person you love, even if they are the reason your relationship is failing. I think we sometimes forget that our job is to not only love someone endlessly, but to recognize when that person you love needs something other than the relationship to get help. Thank you Mike Stud for this song because it 100 percent reminded me of a few toxic people in my life and how I never thought that the relationship would end I would never get out of that relationship.

"Forget About You"

I took the lyrics of this song about people who change when you’re fame grows. Maybe? I’m not sure if that was the intention here or not, but I am willing to bet someone who used to be pretty good friends with Mike Stud turned on him as his success grew with his music and this was an ode to letting that person go.

"Common" (feat. Vory)

I wasn’t a huge fan of this song either just because it had the same tempo and beat as a lot of other songs, but with a 23 song album you’re going to find tendencies and styles with other songs.


This song was also released as a separate single before the album. Its a good vibe and kick back song to chill with your friends and drink. I enjoyed this song when it first came out and I still thoroughly enjoy it.


FINALLY, we reach the 23rd and final song on the album and possibly the last ever Mike Stud song. We have another song about living life, just keep going and moving forward. Times will be hard, but we can’t stop fighting for it and making it the best we can.

Mike Stud has been mostly known for having crazy concerts that are like one big party, with girls flashing him and many stories of the tour bus. His music could be heard in most Frat party scenes and not many people took him quite seriously with his career in the industry. I do believe this album accentuates his party anthems and takes deeper looks into what his life is like now. I do not know what he has in store next but, rumors are that he will be starting a new project on the side under a new name, or with another group. Maybe, he will go back to his baseball days, you never know. For now, I want to give Mike Stud approval on this album and applaud him for some of the best party anthems. Good luck in whatever you do next, I’ll see you on your tour, and remember to pour one out 4THEHOMIES.

As always, if you like what you are reading here, leave a tip at the bottom of this article! If you have any other suggestions for me, let me know! Hope you enjoyed some or all these songs. Make sure to support your local music scene ALWAYS and let the world know your favorite music. Let me know what music you want me to review next!

Keep checking back for more music updates and reviews on new music, up and coming bands, and so much more! Email me at [email protected] if you want me to check your music and band!

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Mike Stud: '4THEHOMIES' Album Review
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