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Milky Chance

Concert review of a German folk group, a few concert tips, and photos taken using the Samsung 8 camera!

Milky Chance at EMOS Austin, TX. Image taken by me. Credit needed for repost.

You've probably heard them a couple times on the radio, and you've probably changed the station because it's the same, overplayed song. But if you didn't Shazam them, then you probably have no idea what the rest of their music is like. 

To be blunt, I'm no music expert. So, to answer your question this may be biased. It will be partially from my personal view and opinion. I will also be offering a few tips here and there to have a smoother experience when it comes to concerts.

To start out, they're music honestly reminds me of a hipster guy that wears Ray-Ban glasses, basic trendy clothing, and has a short beard. Don't know his name, but he most likely listens to Milky Chance. Is that too stereotypical? 

What I mean by this is that their music is very cool and hipster like and the band members give the same appeal due to their styles. They're music genre ranges from alternative rock, electronic, reggae, folk, and indie. The group is made out of three members whom are Clemens Rehbein the lead vocalist and guitarist, DJ and producer Philipp Dausch, and guitarist Antonio Greger.


Milky Chance at EMOS Austin, TX. Image taken by me. Credit needed for repost.

This is what I have to say about the show... it was spicy!

Absolutely saucy and hot like chicken wings. (Can you tell I love food?). It was an excellent performance and so much fun to watch with the lighting effects and the different sounds of music. But before I say anything more about the show, there are a few things I should mention that made it so great.

You know, those times when you second guess buying concert tickets because you don't know what the concert will be like? Tip: search up YouTube videos! Looking up videos from previous shows can tell you a lot of things such as sound quality, length of the show, and whether they are simply an enjoyment to watch based off of your opinion. This helped me so much because I immediately felt excited to see Milky Chance play live in concert.

Next, it was my first time going to the Emo's venue, let alone, a venue in Austin. I arrived about three to four hours early to wait in line, because lines do tend to get really long two or three hours before the show depending on how popular the artists is. Another tip: arrive early! You can get a good seat or point of view by arriving early. You may even get front row! Although, that does require patience and determination. 

Pro Tip: have a happy tummy and bring friends for pre and post-concert. In other words, eat, stay hydrated, and use the bathroom before the show begins, but that is a given of course. And, friends all around just make the wait more bearable and the show a lot more exciting because you get to be with the people you love.

Last but not last, for awesome shows like this one, try to come prepared with a fully charged phone and a portable charger. It's less of a hassle to try to find a plug-in, you can use your phone while waiting in line, and your phone won't die on you by the time Milky Chance come's on stage. You'll be able to take some nice, solid pictures for gram or Snapchat!

Manufactured Screens

Milky Chance at EMOS Austin, TX. Image taken by me. Credit needed for repost. 

Here in this picture are Antonio Greger (Left) and Clemens Rehbein (Right) in their performance. Both very talented as Greger played the harmonica later on during the show and Rehbein did a couple solos, together they both did an amazing and stirred up the crowd.

Concerts are also a great opportunity for professional photographers and mediocre memoirs! Take lots of cool pictures as you are singing along, but never forget to put down the cellphone once in a while because you'll be missing out. Enjoy the show through your own eyes and not through a manufactured screen. That is where you will see the real purity of this band and their talent.

"You're like a firebird in the sky..."

Milky Chance at EMOS Austin, TX. Image taken by me. Credit needed for repost.


My expectations were blown right through the window. I've gone to some pretty gruesome and super loud concerts but this one was very, very pleasing and enjoyable. Also, very different because the people didn't push or squish. I didn't feel suffocated, and I had a great point of view of the band. 

Overall, it was, what most people would say, "pretty groovy." Milky Chance was very pure and real when it came to playing live. They did not sound much different from their recorded albums, in fact they sounded more excellent and pleasurable to the ears. I one hundred percent recommend watching them live. The money is totally worth it because you'll be in for a fantastic and up-beat show.

Author's personal Instagram @yazzybananas for more pictures and videos!

(All pictures require credit to the photographer when reposted.)