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Mix Up Your Christmas Music!

Everyone loves the classics, but it's nice to hear something different!

Photo by on Unsplash

I don't know about you, but I love Christmas music. When it hits December, the Santa hat comes on. The cookie mixes come out. The eggnog has landed. Unfortunately, like all songs you play on repeat until you don't like them anymore, they get old. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Christmas time Michael Buble. It's just... we've all heard almost every version of Jingle Bells, Baby, It's Cold, or Feliz Navidad. So it's time to mix it up! Mixing up the usual tunes can be an adventure. You never know what you'll find. Pop? Punk? Indie? I've been on this adventure a few times and want to share what I've found with you. There's always something new. Perhaps this will even help you along the way in your own search!

Here's my top five favorite Christmas songs, breaking out of the classics.  

1. New Found Glory - 'Nothing For Christmas'

Like pop-punk? Here's one for you! There's even a whole album of Punk going Christmas! That definitely got my attention, being a pop-punk and just plain punk music fan. Even if pop-punk isn't your thing, give it a listen! You may still enjoy it. Trust me, it's not an intense punk song but it has a nice hint of pop-punk. It's even a good Christmas romance song. Why would you need anything else for Christmas, when you've already got all you want? Like free food.

2. Ariana Grande - 'Santa Tell Me'

Now for a pop song! From the queen of pop, here's another Christmas romance song. Here, she is more so questioning her romance. Why would you want to spend Christmas with him if he won't be around next year? That's just heartbreak waiting to happen. I don't always listen to pop music, but this is worth the listen! I could put in my ear buds and do my holiday shopping easily with this song. Now... just to be careful and not burst into song in the middle of the mall. The video is very cute as well, so be sure and give it a watch. Santa tell me, is he the one?

3. Simple Plan - 'Christmas Every Day'

Okay, bye bye Christmas romance and hello purely holiday music! Finally! A break from the gushy romance songs. Simple Plan put together a good upbeat Christmas tune. Christmas everyday?.... Does that mean I get the free food everyday? If yes... I'm in! Definitely click above and give this one a chance. It's a good one to decorate your tree to, as well, even if you don't wish it was Christmas everyday. 

4. Train - 'Shake Up Christmas'

Okay, so maybe this is making it's way to being a classic with how many commercials it's been in. It's still one of my favorite Christmas jams! It's catchy and upbeat. Whenever I hear this one, it still makes me smile and want to go decorate more. I hope it does the same for you! Be sure to check out the music video, too!

5. Shane Dawson - 'This Life'

This last one is my absolute favorite. Okay, so it's from when Shane Dawson made music, but regardless it's my number one go-to. I hope you enjoy it, too! The video is a bit comedy-based,  but the song itself is a good, relatable, holiday song. It's not always smiles and eggnog by the fire. It's a good Christmas tune, with realness to it.

So there it is! My top five Christmas tunes that break away from the classics. Want to continue your search? Take a look on YouTube, Spotify, or even just Google! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and jam out in your Santa hat. Just don't listen to them too much ;) Now go drink some hot chocolate, make a playlist, and go decorate!

Happy Holidays!

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Mix Up Your Christmas Music!
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