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MKS Fans Are Still Waiting

New album coming "very soon!"

If you have knowledge of British Chart Pop from the early 2000's, the Sugababes should ring a bell. They used to be my favourite band when I was younger and they were considered one of the most successful girl groups of the 2000's. They're most famous for their hits like "Freak Like Me," "Stronger," "Hole In The Head," "Push The Button" and "About You Now." They were notorious for line-up changes before eventually fading into obscurity and quietly splitting up after the failure of Sweet 7. Though the fourth line up really tried to stay relevant with the perfume range, merchandise and that TV show with Katy Brand, it just simply wasn't to be. The more they tried, the more it ignited people's desire to see the original line-up again.

I personally enjoyed Sweet 7. It's a guilty pleasure for me, but I won't deny that stripping the Sugababes from it's last original member and trying to change the sound to one that resembled that of other artists meant taking a step back from the songwriting—yet overproducing the album. This ended up striking a big blow. One thing that's perfectly clear: Sweet 7 and a lot of the later Sugababes albums are nowhere near as good as their first few albums. My personal favourites are the first three albums: One Touch (the only album with the original lineup) shows a glimmer of hope in a manufactured pop world. Angels With Dirty Faces and Three are pretty wicked. Siobhan Donaghy's solo albums are also out of this world and possibly the most underrated albums ever.

I may be biased, but I loved a lot of the songs of the original line-up the most. I've seen the original line-up live twice and both times they were exceptional.

After Keisha was fired, a lot of fans were outraged and speculated a return of the original trio: Siobhan Donaghy, Mutya Buena and Keisha Buchanan. The union happened, and they even made a tour. But the grand album release... Never really happened.

Now they insist that it's still coming. And they say it will happen very soon. But very soon has turned into years. In fact, it's been so long that I've forgotten when the album was meant to be released in the first place. This would understandably leave us with the impression that MKS has disbanded, but they have confirmed that they are very much still together.

Several songs have leaked since then. Wonderful gems like "Back In The Day," "Boys, I'm Alright" and "Love Me Hard." We also got to hear a lot of the classics with Siobhan's vocals in it and they sound a whole lot better.

Now there's one remote corner only known to pop justice warriors as the Mutya Keisha Siobhan (MKS) Society which currently has over 900 members. Now that's pretty good, coming from a band that's been musically inactive in public for a couple of years. And it's quite amazing how they haven't released any new singles in a few years and people are still talking about them, making memes of very soon and sharing their favourite pictures of the band. They don't have the biggest fanbase in the world, but MKS certainly has one of the most dedicated.

So what can we learn from this fanbase? Well as long as you have people that love and adore you then you will never really die, as you will always live on through the heart. I'm quite proud to be a part of this lovely fanbase. Whether MKS will be reborn as The Sugababes again or if we will be waiting forever for this new album. Only time will tell...

And don't forget, the new album is coming very soon...

Sorry—couldn't resist.