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Moe Green's Eye Isn't Wasted

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Moe Green’s Eye is a rock group out of NYC. The members are Anthony Galati on vocals, Steve Siegel on electric guitar, Jeff Mackey on bass, and Bob Gallagher on drums.

While I don’t know the entire story behind this band, the blurb I read says that each member was a talented musician once upon a time and then had to take a break from music for whatever reason. The fires within them, that fire that fuels all creatives (including musicians) stayed alive within each of them, and now they’ve come together to make some music that will make you love rock n’ roll again.

According to their Bandcamp profile, “Moe Green's Eye... play rock inspired by bands like REM, U2, The Clarks, Tom Petty and The Smithereens.” They are inspired by “classic 70's & 80's era pop rock that never goes out of style.”

Their single I am going to focus on is "Wasted.” It’s a track that has not been released yet, but you can still get a feel of their sound with a couple of tracks on Bandcamp, “Stay” and “Fixed.” The guys describe “Wasted” as “a song about the wasted time at work and the dynamics of having a good vs. a bad boss to work for.” Something everyone has pondered sometime in their life.

“Wasted” starts with a strong rock beat. It has a raw and distorted sound that puts you in the mood to rock out. Once the vocals start you see where that 70’s and 80’s influence comes in. The lyrics are definitely something that everyone can relate to, no matter what type of work you’ve ever done in your life.

“I can’t wait to waste my time, I can’t wait to lose my mind.”

The song has an easy, early 80’s groovy beat that will remind you of the music from films like Eddie and the Cruisers and St. Elmo’s Fire. It’s a song with a lot of mellow energy. It’s a song that will inspire you to make a change in the way you look at the working world, and it may make you want to look for a new job… unless you’re lucky enough to have that “good boss.”

Since I really dug this song I wanted to get a feel for some of the band’s other tunes, so let’s take a quick glance at the two tracks currently on Bandcamp.

“Stay” is a song that touches base on how friendships grow apart, no matter how close you’ve been in the past. This song keeps that same vintage sound, with more of an emphasis on the drums this time. I love the vocals on this track. The lyrics reminded me a lot of a few of my former friendships, and how I wish that things could just go back to the way they once were before I realized I didn’t really know those people at all.

“Fixed” is about relationships once you move in together, and how people sometimes think they can change someone else. According to the blurb, this song was written based on some true stories. I love that the band takes the time to write songs that everyone can relate to. They are about life. This track really emphasizes the lyrics, though the rest of the instruments are still clearly “visible” to the ears.

If you’ve been hoping for a fresh sound that takes on a vintage sound that makes you feel free again, this band has it. They’re talented, and they have a sound that makes them stand out.

This look at “Wasted” was brought to you by the good people of Whiplash PR & Marketing.

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Moe Green's Eye Isn't Wasted
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