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The Key to My World

Music is the key to my happiness. It transforms me into someone who can take on the world, someone who can battle life's obstacles. I am a single mom and it is often hard to deal with things on my own. I have no support system like other single moms I know. It's just me. I get no breaks, no girls night out, just me and my three daughters. I love them with all of my might and soul but everyone gets frustrated. Especially me, since I am in this all by myself. So what do I turn to? Music. There are different styles of music for my different moods. I love the fact that I can listen to any style of music I need. I am even getting my daughters into using music to express their feelings. It's a great way to get release without screaming at the top of my lungs.

If I am getting angry or frustrated over something then I would listen to light rock or soft alternative music to get that feeling of balance. It helps ease my anger or frustration so I can focus more clearly on my tasks. Light rock or soft alternative music has those tempos, sound beats, and melodies that work well in releasing my frustration or anger.

If I am upset or hurt by something or someone then I would listen to soft R&B music or a truly inspirational christian song. These types of music are more soothing and have lighter melodies and tranquil beats to help soothe an aching heart or an upset mind. These types of songs really help me calm down, relax, and get back to being the strong single mother I know that I am.

Sometimes I am beyond angry, where I feel so enraged that I cannot explain even how I got to this point. So at these times that is when I listen to heavy rock or heavy alternative music. This type of music has faster beats, heavier tempos, and harder melodies. This music helps release those feelings of rage by simply listening to a song or two. They really help to calm me back down to a more respectable level of frustration.

There are days where I feel happy and elated. Everything seems to be working out according to my plans and everything is running more smoothly than I had hoped. During these times, that is when I listen to pop music. Mostly something with a fast beat that I can dance to or hum along. These songs have a happier melody and more playful tempos and beats. They release those endorphins in your brain that make you feel even happier. These songs are great for long car rides with the kids. They also enhance your current mood and make things feel so much better.

In the moments when I feel alone because I am the only parent, it is then that I feel better after listening to soft jazz or bilingual music. These types of songs release a different kind of emotion. They empower me to stay strong during the times I feel like all hope is gone and that I am not sure if I can face another day. These types of songs remind me that I can do it and I will overcome any obstacle that comes in my way. These types of songs have upbeat tempos and smooth beats to help me feel better about raising my daughters alone.

Music is definitely a big part of my life. Music can heal the soul and empower the mind. I use music a lot for everyday tasks as well to keep my spirits up. I love to listen to christian music with my girls when we decide to have some special family time. Pop music and upbeat soft R&B are good for playing when it's time for everyone to pitch in and clean. I love to listen to soft hip hop when I do dishes or take out the trash. When I fold laundry, upbeat jazz or rap seems to get me more in the mood. For every mood I am in, there is a type of music that fits in so well. This is why I absolutely love music, there is a style for everyone to enjoy. That is why they make so many genres of music and even each genre has different styles to it. This is so everyone can find the type and style of music that best helps them in whatever mood they are in. Music is definitely a crucial part of my life and has become a big part of my daughters' lives too.

In conclusion, to me music is the key that holds me together, and it also moves and empowers me to keep going. I use music for many things and I am glad that there are so many different styles and tempos of music for everyone to enjoy. I wanted to share my musical experience with everyone in hopes that maybe you see yourself using some of these types of music for your moods. Music can heal the soul, empower the mind, and calm the senses. As a single mother of three beautiful growing girls, I know all too well that life sometimes gives you obstacles that you are not sure you can face. But listening to the right style of music or the right song can definitely calm you down and make you more sure of yourself.