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Music Acts I Want to See Live

Some Recommendations

With so much music out there that I would not have discovered if it wasn't for the likes of YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music, I don't know where my life would be without them. Some of the acts I've listed I've known since I was a child, but there are also some I've discovered on the internet. I've been to lots of concerts, gigs, and a few festivals over the years and I hope to go to some more. Here's a list of bands that I really want to see live and are, as far as I know, still musically active as of writing this article in 2019.


Onmyo-za blends traditional Japanese folklore with heavy metal and the results are beautiful and hard-hitting. The track here is a live version of "Onmyouji" from their first album. I think it's one of their best tracks because it shows Kuroneko's sublime vocal range and beautiful musical arrangements. Listening to them makes me feel like I am another world.

Great music acts coming from Japan like this and Babymetal are some of the many reasons I want to be fluent in Japanese. I've been studying on my own on and off, and can only say a few simple sentences, but the language barrier is not a problem when it comes to music. If at any chance they perform in the UK, I will not hesitate to see them.

Christina Aguilera

This may seem a bit out of place compared to others on my list, but Christina Aguilera's music has played a big part of my life. A lot of her albums are an important part of my music collection and are often replayed on my music players.

When I was a teenager, one of my favourite singers was Christina Aguilera. Her album Stripped remains one of my favourite albums ever. I think the radiance she gave off in her Stripped and Back to Basics era was amazing.

I love how she's delved into various genres whilst also sticking to her pop roots. She's not afraid to express herself and be different from time to time. I've always wanted to see her live and hope at some point she performs in the UK. Maybe I should travel to the US to see one of her shows when she's next on tour.

Iron Maiden

I got into Iron Maiden quite late, despite the fact they've been around long since before I was born. I've seen lots of rock and metal bands in concert, and would love to see one of the biggest bands in the world. This year they are touring in America as part of their Legacy of the Beast Tour. I don't think I'll have the money to travel to America to see them this year because I've already booked three big holidays this year so maybe next year or the year after.

Iron Maiden's discography is good. I think it's hard to decide which one is the best, but I'm in love with their first few albums.

Black Casino and the Ghost

I discovered this band by playing the indie game called Downfall featuring a Stephen King inspired protagonist Joe Davis and his wife Ivy who suffers with body dysmorphia, which in turn makes Joe's mental health problems even worse. One of my favourite songs from them is "Boogeyman"—that I've had on repeat a lot. It's a cool rock tune and I like how this live version gives it a different take. I love their first album and would love to hear more stuff from them. I think they'd be a great band to see live.


BTS are one of the biggest bands in the world right now. I like how they've brought people together and made people smile when they needed it the most. Their songs feel different to other songs on the radio as they make me feel happy. I also think it's because they've got that 90s vibe that I miss in modern hits.


I've seen Within Temptation, Delain, Evanescene, and Nightwish. Epica are another band that I would like to see because I like their themes and I think their music is epic. I also respect how they show off their geeky side from now and again.


Nightwish are one of my favourite bands and I still followed Tarja's music even after she left the band. I think she's done well for herself, establishing a solo career and a varied discography. My favourite releases from her are "My Winter Storm," "What Lies Beneath," and "Colours in the Dark." Along with her albums with Nightwish, I think Oceanborn is one of my favourites.

Kou Shibasaki

I loved her when she played Mitsuko Souma in the live action version of Battle Royale. I think she added a more human side to her from the limited screen time we see her in. I think she has a really sweet voice and have enjoyed a lot of her songs. One of my highlights from Japan is buying some of her albums over there.

And there you have it. I'm sure I will think of some more at some point.

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Music Acts I Want to See Live
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