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Music: Lifeline of Our Souls

The Key to Human Existence

Music has been a vital element in human existence since before time. On a spiritual level, music was before time. In heaven, the heavenly choir was singing music with Lucifer leading the choir consequently, which is why is an integral part of our life. So it should come as no surprise that music also is tied to our souls. Music is what makes humans alive. Music has always been a life force that, no matter what color or race, connects people. I truly believe that music has been the driving force in the creative force of humanity. From the beginning of time, music has always been a force as it’s been a part of the human experience for centuries from the Psalms in the Old Testament to the birth of Christ to old Gaelic stories. Music in America has been no different. From the American Revolution to Slavery to Disco, music has inspired revolutions, overcame oppression, and celebrated good times. I feel that music has always been vital to human existence and a 1,000 years from now music will be vital to the human experience. Also, music is very symbiotic to the spirit of humans. Music is a force of the universe that connects with humans on a spiritual and mental level. our bodies are rhythmic machines. That is why we are so connected to music because our heartbeats, breathing, walking is all a rhythmic motion. Therefore, music is the one defining trait that connects us and the one component that is uniquely human. Music is not something to be easily dismissed or taken for granted. Music has great power to it and like with any powerful entity, it can be used for good or evil. Music, when used in a productive way, can uplift, inspire, storytelling and spark change in society. Likewise, music used for bad can degrade, divide and speak death and destruction. I feel that when you play music as a DJ, you have an awesome responsibility to not only know what you are playing but what to play. Music is a very emotional and spiritual force. Music can be felt through your bones, blood and spirit in way few other things have the ability to. Music is also uniquely human but individually felt. Music has the ability to be heard by all but understood by very few. When music is played, you have an instant reaction to the beat, the melody, the lyrics. As a DJ, music is a very special tool that when in my hands. I take that responsibility very seriously. In my experiences, I have seen how music increased the energy to the point of fever pitch in a positive way, conversely, I have seen how music has increased the energy in a negative way to the point of violence. That is why I state that music is very interrelated to the human condition. Also, I have seen how music can decrease to the point to where any energy that was present has been drained to the point of the event being lifeless. I always say that music is a very powerful force in the universe. Music has the power to teach love, to teach hate, to divide humans and to unite humans. Music has the power to heal, soothe and our bodies and minds. Music is one of those elements in the universe that has such tremendous power, but the acknowledgment of its power is greatly underestimated and often overlooked. I hope that what I have explained about music will give you a greater appreciation for music and it is an element in the universe that cannot be used or taken lightly. We as humans have an obligation to our existence to revere music and the power it holds. As with anything powerful, music can be a great asset or a dangerous weapon. In this story, I have mentioned where music came from, how it’s connected to the history of man, and it’s power. In closing, music is a very important piece of humanity and our hope is that future generations will value the history of music and continue to spread music to the whole world. Finally, music is the heartbeat of humans and the lifeline of the universe.

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Music: Lifeline of Our Souls
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