Crystal Renner
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My Biggest Dream

Everybody has that one thing they would give up all they have for. This is mine.

Some people have these fantasies that help to keep them going throughout the day. Nine times out of ten, they spend their days wondering what their life would be like if only, and at night, dreams of their deepest desires float through like clouds. Some want to be a millionaire, whether through business or not. Some want to be famous, well known in the most elite circles of society. Still, others want to earn the Novel Prize, or discover something no one's ever seen before, or write the greatest book ever penned. And some just live to experience the joys of family life, to get to raise children that are their spitting image and spend their lives with that one perfect person.

My dream is to sing.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been fascinated by the lone spotlight over a stage, perhaps shining down over a solitary microphone. I've been filled with images of both writing and performing my own songs, whether in a packed auditorium or in a room where no one but me can hear.

I've always loved to sing. I learned when I was young how to balance my voice to either perfectly match or harmonize with whatever I was accompanying at the time. Often times after school, I would come home, close my bedroom door, slip in my earphones, and lay on my bed just singing my heart out. In fact, I was often yelled at because "this isn't a concert hall, quiet down a little". Then I started writing my own songs. Not the music, mind you, since I can't seem to write music worth a damn. But what I could write was lyrics. At one point, I had over 200 pages worth of original lyrics I'd written in the hopes that one day, I could be up on a stage somewhere pouring my heart out into something I'd created. Then my computer crashed and I lost more than half of my work. Seven years worth of lyrics, down the drain. But I still didn't give up. I wrote more.

I've never given up on my dream. I still believe that someday, I'll have the opportunity I've always wanted. I don't want the fame or the glory, the cars or the mansions. I just want to be heard. I want to support my family by doing the one thing I've ever loved to do. I don't even honestly know if I'm any good, but even if I never find out, I'm going to keep pushing as hard as I can to make my dream a reality. Too many people give up, let their dreams turn to dust. I don't want to be one of those who missed out because they never tried.

Everybody has a dream. What's yours?

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My Biggest Dream
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