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My Favorite Michael Jackson and Gloria Estefan Albums

A combined list featuring the very best albums made by these two musical legends.

Gloria Estefan: Her album "Mi Tierra" which was released in the early 1990's, is a tribute to Cuba and the way the island had been a paradise before the invasion of communism and the Castro regime that destroyed it. The album is named "Mi Tierra" and in English, it means "My Homeland". I say this a lot and mean it every time, "Mi Tierra" is another one of my all time favorite albums. Legendary Queen of Salsa and the Guarachera de Cuba Celia Cruz lends her vocal talents and appears with Gloria Estefan on her song "Tradicion," which is a song about how the traditions of Cuba must live on. The album is full of Cuban Salsa, trova and bolero–the essential styles of traditional Cuban music. 

"Mi Tierra" won Gloria a Grammy award in the Best Traditional Salsa Album category. "Mi Tierra" is an album that brings the listener back to Cuba's glorious past. The song "Mi Tierra" is a song that celebrates honors, and remembers the homeland /motherland. Other songs that are among my favorites on the album are "Si Senor," "No Hay Que Por Bien No Venga," "Hablas de Mi," and "Montuno," just to name a few. Gloria Estefan not only records and performs in Spanish, she also records and performs in English. She and her group The Miami Sound Machine have released several successful English language albums; from each album came a series of hits such as "Conga, 1-2-3-4," "The Rhythm is Gonna Get you," "Turn The Beat Around," "Go Away," and "Live For Loving You."

 Gloria Estefan, like Maestro Willy Chirino, is a champion and activist for freedom and democracy in Cuba both musically and non-musically. "Alma Caribena" is another album made along the same concept as "Mi Tierra". Some of the most memorable songs that come to mind when I think of the album are "Tres Gotas De Aqua Bendita," a duet with Celia Cruz, "Por Un Beso," "Punto de Referencia," and both versions of "No Me Dejes de Querer."

Michael Jackson: The next part of this article I'm going to go over are my favorite Michael Jackson albums. "Dangerous," the album released in 1991, is a fantastic album that does not disappoint and the artwork is amazing; it's a carnival, and there is a lot happening on the album cover. There's an anthem on the album that's perfect for basketball called "Jam," and appropriately, the "Jam" music video features Michael Jordan. The song "Remember the Time" is about reminiscing about times spent with your love. The music video takes place in a palace in Ancient Egypt, with royalty along with an all-star cast consisting of Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, Imani, and of course Michael Jackson. Other of Jackson's major hits include "Black or White," "Heal the World," and "Would You Be There".

I talked about "History 1 and 2" in a previous article about Michael Jackson; there's a remix CD associated with "History" called "Blood on The Dance Floor." The leading single off of the album is an amazing video, which depicts Michael Jackson in a nightclub in a dangerous flirtation with a mysterious lady that's his object of affection in the video. On the "History" project is a song called "Scream" that Michael Jackson recorded with his sister, Janet Jackson, who in her own right is an icon in the music business. The video for the song is phenomenal, it takes place in outer space, and they perform the song on a space ship traveling through the galaxy. There are several others in Michael Jackson's and Gloria Estefan's discographies that are also among my favorites; the above are just some of the firsts to come to mind.

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My Favorite Michael Jackson and Gloria Estefan Albums
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