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My Favorite Songs of the Month

December Favorites

Tyler the creator—Flower Boy Album Cover

I have found a variety of music since November and I've decided to hand pick of my favorites ranging from alternative to Hip Hop.

"Girls Need Love"—Summer Walker

I found this anthem while scrolling through Instagram and fell in love. She said everything women are thinking in a two-minute song. The beginning of the song hooked me in instantly, after that I couldn't stop listening. Summer Walker is definitely an artist I'm going to start listing to more often.

"Topanga" by Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd actually released the album, Love Letter to You 3 which has a wide range of songs I love. However, I singled out this song due to how many times I had it on repeat. Despite the weird lyrics and music video to go along with, which gives the song a deeper meaning to it. The song has the perfect melody and background vocals to give it a hype but mellow vibe.

"I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)"—The 1975

The 1975 releases their album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships late November. Despite this song being the last song of the album, it caught my attention. I gave it a listen and it became the best five minutes of my life. It gives me a, " Sitting in a dark room with the speaker blasting this song" vibe.

"Would I"—Maggie Lindemann

I also found this one on Instagram, I didn't follow Maggie for her music but more on the fact she is the most beautiful female I've seen yet. I finally decided to check out her music and to my amazement, I found s short list of songs that satisfied my depressed little heart, and "Would I" was one of them.

"F*ck Love"—XXXtentacion ft. Trippie Redd

This song is short but sweet. Despite this song coming out in 2017, I still listen to it every single day. It's actually at the top of my list of 25 most played songs on iTunes. The melody pulls me in and XXXtentacion's verse is a makes the song an iconic masterpiece.

"Blue Lights"—Jorja Smith

"Blue Lights" is a beautiful song addressing police brutality with a harmonic melody and perfect lyrics to go with it. There's not much to say about this song, it literally speaks for its self. Despite her mouth barely opening, a beautiful sound still manages to be produced. "Teenage Fantasy" by Jorja Smith is also a song I've listened to this month.

"R.I.P."—Joji ft. Trippie Redd

This song is featured on Joji's album BALLADS 1. All of the 12 songs range from upbeat music to lo-fi hip-hop. Like the rest of the songs, "R.I.P." gives us the honest truth about love and the lengths he would go to keep it. Trippie provides a wonderful melody and vocals.

"Alone as a Facetat"—Wifisfuneral

Wifisfuneral took an even darker turn in his new EP Leave Me The F*ck Alone. He explains his trouble with drug addiction and the loss of his longtime best friend. Also, he addresses his struggle with depression. The song literally hits hard at me and a can definitely relate to his words.

"Life Is Beautiful"—Lil Peep

I was never a fan of Lil Peep but sadly after his death, I discovered his music and found a love for it. He introduced me to emo type rap, which I thought I would never like but this and a couple of other songs really caught my attention. This song is actually three years old, but still exposes how cruel life can be; however, it's the beauty of life.

"Foot Fungus"—Ski Mask the Slump God

Besides sad music I can relate to, I love hype music; and Ski Mask the Slump God is the definition of that. I put this song on when I just wanna lift up my mood and rap along to the words. I literally turn on my speaker on and blast this song. Ski Mask the Slump God is a must hear musical artist with quick rhymes.

"Train Food"—XXXtentacion

This song can be seen in different ways, either as a story of rape, XXXtentacions childhood trauma. or coincidentally speaking of his death. Even though it's more of a story than a song, I still find myself listening to it and finding the hidden meaning behind each word.

"Close Friends"—Lil Baby

I'm not a fan of Lil Baby, however, I came across this song and I instantly related to it. Falling in and out of relationships, this song is definitely something I can listen to when I've had an argument with my partner. Possibly in the future, as I listen to more of his songs, I might become a fan over time.

Next Month

I have downloaded over 100 songs on my phone this month despite that, I was still able to bring the list down to 12 of my favorite songs of this month. By January, I plan to have more songs to share. NBA Young Boy, 21 Savage, Kodak Black and Boogie Wit Da Hoodie have all released albums late December, and I can't wait to express my favorite songs on each and every one.

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My Favorite Songs of the Month
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