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My Palm Tree Playlist for 2018

A Soundtrack for the West Coast

EXHIBITION (Hiroshi Nagai x Vermeerist Beams)

Have you ever looked through Hiroshi Nagai's artwork simply for the great amount of nostalgia it brings? There's something about the grainy blues and warm, city scenery that brings upon this home-like comfort to those viewing it, even if you haven't lived on the west coast. He captures a coastal vibe perfectly in his work; I've been so obsessed lately, especially since I'm road tripping to Los Angeles in a few days. His art really compliments how the west coast makes me feel, and it's really put me into the mood for this trip.

So, naturally, I made a playlist to accompany my feelings while I travel. I always do this when travelling, but this particular playlist is a little more special considering I'll be traveling with some of the best and dearest individuals I've known all my life. This is also our first trip and vacation together as young adults, and we're all so very excited. Here are my ten (out of 40) songs that were must-haves on this playlist. 

Let's get started!

  1. "B L U E," by Samuel Seo (서사무엘); This song has been a favorite of mine for two years now. It's just so catchy and groovy, with an unforgettable guitar riff. Samuel is one of the few Korean artists who truly captures the indie-pop and alternative sound that's popular in North America and Europe. He also doesn't stick to one particular genre, but still keeps his signature sound in his work. "B L U E" is perfect for a drive on a sunny day near the coast.
  2. "You've Changed" by Sia; I used to listen to this piece of art all the time in middle school, especially on the bus ride for my seventh grade surf field trips. I found it off of a Music Monday blog that Roxy (surf brand) used to run. It's an oldie and a goldie from Sia. I'm not a fan of her current music, but this song will always be a great song for the road (and in general). It's got a lot of spunk and charm; it's unforgettable, which is why I have to revisit it every now and then. I start to miss it. 
  3. "Diamond (ft. Josh Mosier)" by Que Nu; A perfect crossover of soft, indie rock and rap, the song is a bittersweet combination of pretty and fun. This particular song feels breezy to me, if that makes sense. It's relaxing and simple - a very easy listen for anyone. And who would've thought an indie rock song would sound so good with rapping?
  4. "Easy (ft. Wiz Khalifa)" by Caye; this track is the epitome of a summer vacation, staying in a gorgeous beach house on the coastline. It's perfect for vlogging edits as well, since it's very melodious with prominent beats. The chorus is easy to memorize and the track is overall addicting. 
  5. "New Perfume" by Chelsea Shag; Fun. This song is just all around fun, and funky; a classic alternative bop with so much personality. Chelsea is such an underrated artist with a lot of talent and knowledge to share with the music world. "New Perfume" perfectly embodies who she is as a person and artist: fun and soulful.
  6. "Tightrope" by Walk The Moon; I had no idea a song that switches from a 4/4 to a 3/4 time signature in the chorus would be such a good idea until I heard this gem. "Tightrope" is a very exciting, inviting, and charming alternative song that feels slightly bittersweet. It's the kind of song that makes me want to get up and do things that make me happy. It gives off a very "live in the moment" type of energy, if you will. 
  7. "Elevate" by St. Lucia; another alternative song, but more on the indie-pop side; the introduction into the song is captivating and simple. The guitar playing sounds like that of surfer indie music; very reminiscent and warm, and perfect for the seaside. 
  8. "Let Go (ft. Kele and MNDR)" by Rac; This indie bop is easily addictive and captivating. It's perfect for a drive that immediately immerses the listener into an amusing, memorable song. It's pleasurable to hum along to and just listen to, and it puts me in a bright mood. 
  9. "Love Talkin' Honey (It's You)" by Tatsuro Yamashita; off of his 1982 album "For You' comes the ever so inviting and delightful song, "Love Talkin' Honey". This is a classic and will uplift everyone. There's a lot of backbone and grit in the song, which totally makes sense considering it's a soulful, funky, disco-y track.
  10. "Like I Used To" by Tinashe; a newer song and sound for Tinashe, this song uses classic trap beats over a bittersweet melody; the contrast is innovative and interesting. She worked with a different producer on this track, which explains why it's a little more mature and distinctive. It makes me feel like the day will go on just fine, even though the lyrics aren't exactly happy. The song is very enthralling.

Well, those are the ten must-haves on my seaside playlist! I must say, this is a very difficult thing for me considering music is very hard to list and reference. If I list one song, it makes me want to list a song it reminds me of, and then I lose track of the actual list I was working on—it can get messy. Nonetheless, it's also very enjoyable. Making this list has already given me ideas for three other lists of song and artist recommendations I'd like to share. Anyway, thank you for your time and support!

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My Palm Tree Playlist for 2018
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