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My Personal 'Sad Music' Playlist


We all have one whether we realize it or not: A Personal Sad Music Playlist. It's the songs that we are drawn to when we are feeling down. I feel like I am taking a risk showing my list of sad songs, as if I'm opening up a whole new way to be vulnerable. However, I also think that a list like this could do a lot of good. I just want everyone to know that it's totally normal and okay to have a list of sad songs that they feel personally attached to. 

1. Shawn Mendes - "Life Of The Party"

Would you believe me if I told you that I went to high school with Shawn Mendes? I mean, I never met him... or knew he existed until he got famous. However, I probably passed him in the hall without realizing it. 

2. Lukas Graham - "7 Years"

I have played this so many times! It is my 'go to' for when I am sad. I'm pretty serious... as soon as my boyfriend starts hearing the first three seconds of this song he knows I must REALLY be sad. 

3. gnash - "i hate u, i love u ft. olivia o'brien"

This one is a new addition to my personal moody playlist. You need to add a new one every once in a while.

4. Ben Cocks - "So Cold"

"I loved and I loved and I lost you." Everyone can relate to this one. 

5. Ed Sheeran - "Bloodstream [Official]"

This song is more than a 'sad day' song to me. This is more of an 'I've been depressed for a while now' song. 

6. Ben Cocks - "So Cold"

This song has some bad memories attached to it for me... however, i still find my self listening to it everyone now and again.

7. Andrew Belle - "In my veins" lyrics.

"Nothing goes as planned, Everything will break." 

I am just quite simply in love with the mood of this song. 

8. "Demons" - Imagine Dragons

9. Imagine Dragons - "Bleeding Out"

I mostly just really like Imagine Dragons. 

10. Chord Overstreet - "Hold On"

I really really like this one. The lyric video is really well done as well.

Hello. Nice to meet you! How are you? Hmm... this feels like a really one sided conversation... why don't you follow me on social media so I can get to know you too! 

Want to share your personal sad music playlist?

Make up a list and tag me in it on Twitter. I would love to see your list too! Don't be shy! Make sure to tag it! #PersonalPlaylist #SadMusic #Mood

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My Personal 'Sad Music' Playlist
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