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My Silent Bravery Is Powerful Music With a Pop Edge

Matt Wade shows his extraordinary songwriting talents in new album.

My Silent Bravery is the music brainchild of Matt Wade. Under this name, he releases some great acoustic music that is nothing less than astounding. In March My Silent Bravery released the new album ‘Breakthrough.’ What I loved most about the music from this album is that fact that his songs have a way that will make them appealing to people of any age. It has a crossover sound that could fit into the pop-country category, at some points, or straight up pop sounds throughout. It's both mellow and catchy, well blended for a perfect musical sound.

“Endless Ecstasy” sounds like something you’d hear on a car commercial. It has an ear-pleasing sound that can only be described as happy and energetic. It is definitely a feel good song. The song inspires you to get up and move, and that’s not surprising with lyrics like, “Cuz we love to dance and sing.” If you’re having a down day I highly suggest listening to this song (in fact, I was having a bad day today and I am glad I decided to give this album another listen).

The title track doesn’t have quite the poppy beat as that first song, but it’s still a great song. Listen to the lyrics of all of the songs on this album. You will find that they are all very relatable. The fact that Matt Wade is an amazing songwriter will be evident the more you listen, from song to song.

“Drunk Off The Sun” sounds like a catchy tune that could easily get stuck in my head if I listened to it too much. It’s a great summer song. The words will make you long for a day on the beach, a cold beer, and it just might make you roll down the windows for some fresh air if you’re listening to it on the open road.

“Warning Signs” is about what the song says, “I should have paid attention to the warning signs.” Love can make you blind, and sometimes things don’t work out… that’s what I get from the lyrics of this song. That may not be what Matt was going for, but we all know that songs can always be interpreted by the person listening to them. You listen and see what you get from it.

This album is filled with thirteen powerful acoustic tracks that blend a pop feel with the sound of a folksy singer/songwriter. Each song tells an interesting story, and each of them has a bit of a different feel. Some of them will have you feeling happy and some will have you feeling sad. The point is, this album by My Silent Bravery will make you feel.

If you are curious about this music you can get a couple free downloads on the My Silent Bravery website.

Watch the Face to Face video

There’s also a great video available for the song “Face To Face.” I love watching videos because I feel like they often give you a better sense of a song, whether it’s a straight forward video that looks like a movie, or a more artistic approach. This video is the type that assists the song in telling a story. It’s kind of a heartbreaking one though. If you’ve ever been through relationship problems you’ll be able to relate to this song.

If you like acoustic music and you have a love for pop sounds, you’ll be happy with the blend of these sounds in this album from My Silent Bravery. If you like songs about love, happiness, pain, broken hearts, and life, you’ll want to hear the songs on ‘Breakthrough.’ As described in his bio, Matt Wade wears his heart on his sleeve and it is completely evident in the words of these songs.

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My Silent Bravery Is Powerful Music With a Pop Edge
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