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My Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs

A List for One of the Best Songwriters of Our Generation

Taylor Swift, an artist that has been in the music industry since 2006. In the beginning she started as a country singer quickly making waves into eventually becoming the biggest country star in the world to eventually becoming the Taylor Swift we all know and love today. After all the heartbreaks, controversies, and shaming. Taylor Swift has always stayed true to her craft and that's why many up and coming singers and songwriters see her as an inspiration. So without further ado here are My Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs:

10. "The Last Time" feat. Gary Lightbody - 'Red'

A song between two lovers that can't seem to understand what they want from each other. It starts off with Gary Lightbody the lead singer of Snow Patrol saying that he's at her door and wants to talk and express that he's changed because it's the only place he can express his feelings. Taylor than comes in and she's in her room and she's questioning on whether or not she wants to answer the door. They both express how this is the last time they will get together with each other. The two voices clash in the chorus and bridge of the song both expressing each other. This collaboration made for a beautifully underrated ballad.

9. "White Horse" - 'Fearless'

The emotional lyrics, the sad and vulnerable vocals sees Taylor talk about a past relationship and how heartbroken she was. Saying that relationships aren't like what you see in movies or TV. She's saying that this is real life and she's emotional in the beginning but as the song begins to hit its peak she says that she's gonna find someone and that one heartbreak won't stop her it will just motivate her. She's starting to forget about that ex and continue with her life.

8. "Better Than Revenge" - 'Speak Now'

"Now go stand in the corner and think about what you did" says Taylor as she leads this more pop rock sounding song. It's one the highlights from Speak Now as she delved into different genres with this album. "Better Than Revenge" is about warning people about this certain girl stealing her man. Some of the most clever lines are in this song. Lines like "She took him faster than you could say sabotage," or "She looks at me like i'm a trend and she's so over it." There are many other clever lines in this but do yourself a favor and go listen to this song it's extremely catchy.

7. "Back To December" - 'Speak Now'

One of the many great ballads in her repertoire. However, this song this is one of the rare occasions where she's singing about crawling back to the ex rather than staying far away from him. But the twist is she was the one who did all the wrongs and she's aware that she treated him bad but she wants to try to make things right. Who's the guy in particular. None other than Taylor Lautner, the guy from the Twilight movies, that every teenage girl was obsessed with back in the day. But aside from that this song is great both lyrically and vocally.

6. "I Wish You Would" - '1989'

The first on this list from the pop masterpiece known as 1989. This album is with out a doubt my favorite Taylor Swift album. This is one of the deep cuts that shined on this album. Looking back on a relationship and how she wishes she could go back and change things the way she wanted it. With a catchy chorus and an awesome synth line. "I Wish You Would" is a highlight as far as the deep cuts go on 1989.

5. "Haunted" - 'Speak Now'

Goth Rock Taylor came in full force with this symphonic power ballad called Haunted. The suspenseful build up leading to the chorus that just explodes as she desperately belts out "Come on, come on don't leave me like this I thought I had you figured out." The angst in Taylor's voice just makes this song more enjoyable every listen. Not to mention this song is criminally underrated and should've gotten a lot more praise than it did.

4. "Style" - '1989'

As far as singles go from 1989, Style is probably the strongest lyrically. The synth leading guitars at the start and the synth melodies as the song keeps going. This song keeps you on the edge of your seat. Yes, this three minute and 51 second song feels like a story. This soft sounding melodrama with conversation about being out and about with some other girl or the guy taking off his coat feels like a plot twist and i'm not the only one who feels that way. Not to mention the killer chorus with the guitars. Style is the epitome of a pop masterpiece.

3. "Delicate" - 'Reputation'

From the opening with the vocoder. The opening line "This ain't for the best, my reputation's never been worse so you must like me for me." This song was recorded after the Kanye situation and people calling her a snake. But the guy that she's currently with (Joe Alwyn) doesn't care about her reputation being ruined or how people are turning against her. He likes her for who she really is. Reputation as a whole was a bold move for her. She wanted to express her true self and "Delicate" is one of those songs where she showed who she really is as a musician and as a human being.

2. "Clean" - '1989'

The last track on the standard edition of 1989 closes out big with "Clean." Taylor collaborated with Imogen Heap for this song. Imogen did the instrumental and some backing vocals. The song is about trying to recover from a heartbreak used in a way of someone going through or trying to beat an addiction. Taylor used a metaphor that a drought has happened but in your mind it feels like there is a storm so you punch a hole in the roof. The next morning it has rained and you are washed away from all of your problems feeling like you're clean. Which is so creative and Taylor knew what she wanted the sound to be. Just with that creative approach alone it's easily my favorite off of 1989.

1. "All Too Well" - 'Red'

The song that seems to everyones favorite Taylor Swift song is also mine too. That is "All Too Well" from Red. The video is an audio of her performing it live on the Red Tour and just focus on how her vocals are very emotional as she belts out her feelings. The raw emotion, the lyrics that are just gut wrenching picturing it. It tells the story of a relationship that ended and Taylor recalls everything from it and just how she was in a state of mind where she was heartbroken because she had true feelings for this guy. So Taylor Swift did what she does best and she wrote this lyrical masterpiece that will to this day be my favorite Taylor Swift song.

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My Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs
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