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My Top Artist's of 2018

The Musicians I've Been Loving This Year

Malte Wingen, Unsplash

Its so crazy to think that 2018 is coming to an end and 2019 is right around the corner. The year 2018 has brought us some amazing artist, albums, and songs. For me, this year, many of the artists I listened to have made their return to the music industry after taking hiatus for a couple of years. Their returns were definitely worth the wait because the albums each of them released have been nothing but amazing and on repeat everyday of the week. I wanted to share some of my favorite artist of 2018 and hopefully you guys enjoy the list as much as I enjoyed making it. 

1. Little Mix

Photo Credit: X Factor UK

I've been listening to Little Mix since they released their first studio album DNA in 2011. Every year their music gets better and better. In November of this year they released their fifth studio album LM5. This album shows another side to them that the other albums don't show. I think this is one of their best albums next to Get Weird because there is a mix of ballads and upbeat songs. Some of my favorite tracks from the album are "Told You So," "Monster In Me," "More Than Words," featuring Kamille, and "Think About Us." I can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for this girl group and hopefully, they will perform some of my favorite tracks. 

2. James Bay

Photo Credit: Pinterest 

After taking a two-year hiatus James Bay made his way back into music. It definitely was worth the wait because the music from his sophomore album Electric Light shows his growth as an artist. This album has more of a soulful sound, but still has that rock influence that was present in the first album. Some of my favorite tracks from the album are "Pink Lemonade," "Us," "Wild Love" and "I Found You." I think each of these songs show's his ability to bring together two different sounds and make really good songs that many people will enjoy. 

3. Hozier

Photo Credit: Pinterest 

This is another artist on my list that took a hiatus from the music industry and the wait for new music was worth it. I've been listening to Hozier since he released his first album and I knew that any music to come after would be good and expressed who he was as an artist. When his four song EP came out I knew it would be good and I was right because each song gave a glimpse into what we would be hearing in 2019 for his second studio album. I think the second studio album will have more of a soulful sound compared to his first album, but I do still think his signature rock sound will make an appearance on some songs. My favorite song from the EP is "Nina Cried Power." Below is a link to an article I wrote on Hozier and his new EP. 

Hozier: His Return to the Music Scene

4. Zayn

Photo Credit: Pinterest 

It had been two years since Zayn released his first studio album Mind of Mine and in between that album and the second one he released four singles. This made me more excited to see how his second studio album would sound because every single he released sounded different from one another. Finally, in November of this year his second studio album, Icarus Falls came out. When comparing this album to his first one, I feel as though the songs have a more mature sound, they really show off his vocals, and each song blends well together making a very good album. My favorite songs from the album are "There You Are," "Let Me," "Entertainer," "Good Years" and "No Candle No Light" featuring Nicki Minaj. I hope in 2019 I get to see Zayn perform some of my favorite songs from the album. 

5. Tom Walker

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Tom Walker is an artist that I had just discovered this year through my Spotify recommendation list. I am so glad he was on the list because his voice is so mesmerizing and will draw many people in. He has yet to release a full-length album, but when he does I know it will sound amazing. In 2018 he only released four tracks; each of them having an acoustic rock sound that draws people in. My favorite single from Tom Walker is "Leave A Light On" because its the one single I think that shows off his vocal range the best. 

6. JP Cooper

Photo Credit: Pinterest

JP Copper is another artist that I discovered this year because of his song "September Song" that played on the radio constantly. The thing I like about JP Cooper is that he has this pop element to his music but at the same time he integrates this soulful sound to a lot of his songs as well. Some of my favorite songs by JP Cooper are "All This Love," "She's On My Mind," and "Beneath The Streetlights and The Moon." These songs have a beautiful and angelic sound that makes you want to sing along and play them all day. 

7. Dermot Kennedy

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I came across Dermot Kennedy when I found his cover of the Frank Ocean song "Swim Good." His cover of this fast pace song was amazing because he made it sound completely different, almost as if it was his own song. Dermot Kennedy has this unique sound that mixes folk and rock together and I really enjoy that because it shows that he is willing to experiment with his music. Some of my favorite song by Dermot Kennedy are "Glory," "Moments Passed," "Young and Free," "An Evening I Will Not Forget," and "Power Over Me."

8. Ariana Grande

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Ariana Grande is an artist that I have been listening to since the release of her debut album. Every year her music sounds more mature; this year she released her fourth album Sweetener. For me, this album had some standout songs that I constantly listen to but my favorite song out of all of them would be "Breathin" because its a fun song with lyrics that many people can connect with. Following the release of her fourth album, Ariana Grande is now working on her fifth album. She has already released two tracks from it "Thank U Next" and "Imagine." I really enjoy both of these songs and it makes me really excited for her next album.  

9. Christina Aguilera

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Christina Aguilera hasn't released an album in six years, leaving many people to wonder whether she will make a comeback to music. That comeback came in at full speed in the middle of 2018 when she released her first single for her album Liberation. The song was titled "Fall In Line" and it featured Demi Lovato. This is one of my favorite songs from the album because it shows off both of the women's powerful vocals. I think this album is way better than her last one because it takes you back to her earlier music and allows you to reminisce about her earlier classics. Some of my other favorite songs from the album include"Unless Its With You,"  "Deserve" and "Twice."

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My Top Artist's of 2018
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