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New Single From Westward

"The Last Stand"

In 2015, this trio released their first album, The Deadly Rapture of Space. Since that release, their sound hasn’t changed all that much, aside from growing into something more amazing. The vocals on Westward’s new album, The Empire of Deception, greatly surpass the sounds from this same band (same lineup) from only two years ago. With two singles out currently, you can get a real taste of what to expect from this new album, slated for an October 14 release.

The band has two singles available right now on Bandcamp, “The Last Stand” and “Force and Matter.” Even if you’ve never heard of this band, these two songs should gear you up for that upcoming release. They’ll have you wanting to hear more and wishing for a fast-forward button.

According to popular opinion, this band has a sound that is comparable to Queen, Muse, Radiohead, Rush, and even Iron Maiden (though I didn’t quite hear that last one). Listening to the newest track, “The Last Stand,” I heard a little of The Killers in there as well — a band I am quite fond of.

Westward describes themselves as "cowboy space rock." Their music does seem to have an otherworldly tone to it. The band consists of Andrew Marshall on guitar and vocals, Karl Grimm on bass and doing the backup vocals, and Matt Morrison on the drums. They are some talented musicians — something you’ll hear from the first note.

“The Last Stand," which is the third track on this ten-song album, starts out perfect from the first note. “Everything has come down to this one moment.” That’s the truth about life in all aspects. Our decisions are the moments that make our lives, as well as the decisions that are made for us (whether it’s by our parents or our president). You can do what you want to try to change someone else, but they will only change if they want to (sometimes even a gun to someone’s head isn’t going to shake their beliefs).

I really love the lyrics to this song. It sounds like it could be taken personally or it could be something about a government entity. It’s about life. It’s about decisions and the people with power. The song has power, as well. It’s a song I like to refer to as “epic.” It’s a story song with a big sound that demands you listen to it. Marshal’s voice is phenomenal on the final notes of this song, and you can really hear the difference in his singing from one album to the next. His vocals and range have grown so much since 2015.

“Force and Matter” really made me think of bands like The Killers. This song has an “electric” sound. The beat is great and I will definitely be adding this album to my walking playlist (it’s uptempo and will help burn more calories, seriously). I am again impressed with the instruments on the songs I have heard from this upcoming album so far. This trio has some great talent.

Marshal is the lyricist for this band and he has a knack for writing some great words. One of the parts of this song that stands out the most is the momentary guitar solo. It’s not much, but it sounds really cool on its own.

I am really looking forward to the release of this complete album. This band definitely has something good, and I think that they could really get some attention with this new release once it’s out there next month. For now, check them out on Bandcamp. You can also check out the lyric video for “The Last Stand” on Youtube.

Watch it.

"The Last Stand" by Westward

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New Single From Westward
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