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New Slipknot Music!

Slipknot Gives Fans a Halloween Gift

The first time I saw Slipknot live, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was mass chaos. The crowd was insane. There was more people on the stage than I've ever seen in band. They were leaping into the crowd. I remember being kicked in the head by one of the guys from the band as he dove in. It was loud, intense, the light show was seizure educing. They jumped around, slammed into each other, pounded on metal beer kegs. Well, anyone who knows the band is pretty darn familiar with this anyway. This was at least 20 years ago now, when I was much younger and they were much younger. They had this insane, intense energy that the young seem to be able to have and sustain. 

Well, now Slipknot is a whole lot older, as I am. I sure as heck have slowed down and mellowed out. Slipknot, however, have not. And this new song, called "All Out Life" is a perfect example. It could be one of the hardest releases from the band in a long time. The really "picked up the pace" on this one (see what I did there?) And just in time for Halloween. In fact, the creepy as hell video they released on YouTube is marked October 31st. And it's a bang on perfect video for the holiday. 

It's a bit gory. Lots of blood. Lots of creepy masks. Lots of weirdness. Lots of cult and religious symbolism. Well, you will be able to clearly see for yourself once you watch the video. I don't need to describe for you what you can already see. 

But I can say how impressed I am with the quality of this video, the feel of the video, and the power of the song. And they are proving once again why they are a festival headline favourite. In fact, it was just announced that they will be headlining Download 2019. They have been a band with staying power, and by the looks of things are not about to slow down. 

The video was produced by band member M. Shawn Crahan who has always had a morbid view of the world. Quite often I really wondered why he was in the band. His main job seemed to be just banging on drums and beer kegs. Is he a necessary member? Well, ya, apparently he is, based on this video. And, now that I think about it, what would the band actually be like without his presence on stage? Fortunately, I don't think we will ever know. He's a mainstay and will probably be banging those things until he's 90 years old. 

Kerrang has a few quotes from Corey Taylor and Clown that are worth noting. According to Clown things, the near future is looking pretty interesting for the band and it's fan.

“Right now is a very exciting time for Slipknot. We’ve been working on new music for the last two years, and 'All Out Life,' the song and the video, is just one of many concepts in the works. It’s a fitting taste to get you to the next thing. Get ready for what’s to come. We challenge you to 'All Out Life'.”

Corey Taylor said that this song is meant to unite and to remind people that, hey, old bands like Slipknot are not meant to be pushed aside. Remember the past. Remember what bands like Slipknot paved the way for. Don't just keep looking for new bands and new sounds. Remember the old sounds. 

In saying that, he almost appears to say that he believes some think that Slipknot has become somewhat irrelevant. Ya, people move on. But, you know what? Slipknot has had enough of a loyal following that this is a band that will probably never become irrelevant, especially if they keep releasing exciting stuff like this. 

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New Slipknot Music!
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