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New Things from the Band 5 Seconds of Summer

Releasing a Music Video, Spotify Singles, and Starting a Tour

Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer took a short break after releasing their third number one album to prepare for many things like dropping a music video for their song "Youngblood", recording Spotify singles, and even preparing for their four-month-long world tour.

5 Seconds of Summer on Wednesday, August 1st, released two Spotify singles. The fan base was expecting this as the group was in New York recently and reported to have been recording something for Spotify. The release of these two songs came rather abrupt as they tweeted about them when they released and had the fanbase in shock. The two songs released were "Lie To Me" and "Stay". "Lie To Me" is one of their own songs that was released when they released their album Youngblood in June. The Spotify single version was an acoustic version of this song. "Stay" is a song by Post Malone but 5 Seconds of Summer decided to cover it and give the song their own interpretation of it. As the band isn't known for cursing during their songs, this was something new they brought with this cover and shocked the fan base. Both covers are doing well and already have more than 300,000 streams each without even being a week old yet.

Along with the Spotify singles, 5 Seconds of Summer also released a music video for single, "Youngblood", this music video is rather different from the rest of their videos as they do not feature in it. The music video tells a story that makes sense for the song and is well made and edited. The music video was uploaded August 2 and already has more than three million views on YouTube. The band says they decided to upload the video then as they were in Japan at the time and thought it would be even more immersed in the culture as the video features Asians. The video was perceived extremely well by the fan base and they're rather happy the band decided to go a different way with their music videos and display something that isn't common in the media.

As mentioned, they were in Japan at the time of the music video release, this is because they're starting a world tour and opening pop shops in bigger cities along with it. The tour titled, Meet You There Tour, will be going to some parts of Asia, Europe, Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States. One problem the fan base seems to have with the tour is that it's not going everywhere around Asia, it's simply isolated to two shows in Japan (Osaka and Tokyo). The tour is scheduled to end in Spain on November 19. The first show of the tour took place in Osaka, Japan. The setlist is something shocking to many fans as it includes quite a few older songs. Some of the fan favorites from the setlist are "Babylon", "Ghost of You", and "The Only Reason". "The Only Reason" being on the setlist was a huge surprise to many, but some people are upset songs like "Empty Wallets" and "Better Man" isn't on the setlist. As a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer, I would have liked to see more songs off Youngblood on the setlist, but that isn't the case. The setlist is rather long with an outstanding 20 songs and a majority of them are rather older or were performed on the 5SOS3 Tour.

5 Seconds of Summer has been up to a lot lately and their fan base is excited to see what the rest of the tour will be like and if there will be any setlist changes to accommodate the fans wishes.

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New Things from the Band 5 Seconds of Summer
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