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Nostalgia Placebos: New School Music That Takes It Back

Songs That Follow Old School's Footsteps

Have you ever been in the mood for a throwback? Well, of course, you have everyone loves a good throwback. Everyone knows we can't live without the classics—how could we? Nothing could take their place. This is the perfect playlist for that kind of mood except this is not your daddy's playlist but it sounds like it could be. Here we'll go through a list of songs that will give you that same sound you want with a brand new feel. In each song, you can hear the same love of old school you have, in each artist. 

"E.V.P" by Blood Orange

Blood Orange's "E.V.P." gives you funk with hints of soul and r&b blended to perfection. From the drum effects and instrumentals to the to the melodic chorus "E.V.P.' mirrors a 90s hit with just a touch of the 70s. At the same time in its own right, it is a modern day masterpiece.

"Everyone Loves The Sunshine" by Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. White

"Everybody Loves The Sunshine" is a dose of blissful, smooth soul under the sun. Going right into the intro Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. White kick things off with an amazing riff featuring a guitar and piano duet. As light and sweet vocals begin to highlight every note, it beautifully recreates a sound that's hard to forget from a decade of music that will never be forgotten.

"'Cause I'm A Man" by Tame Impala

Here, Tame Impala shows us that classic synth-pop feel with touches of R&B. Those slow rolling drums, bass, and synthesizers pull you in and take you through a loop. It all reinforces that idea that the more things change the more they stay the same. And it doesn't get any less satisfying.

"One More Love Song" by Mac DeMarco

It's time to get into that quiet storm with "One More Love Song" by Mac DeMarco. You listen to that entrancing synth that never fails, and you're wrapped in the heart of the song. It turns into a symphony of something uncomplicated yet immaculate, like something out of a retro daydream that you never wanna leave. 

"After The Storm" By Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis' "After The Storm" brings us back into it but with a hip-hop flare this time. Kali's angelic voice is the cherry on top an amazing piece that knows the definition of groove. The touches of wonderful haziness and distortion that's popular in some of today's music make it all the better and tie it all together.

"Desert Rose" by Yellow Shoots

Rising to the occasion "Desert Rose" comes in with that soulful R&B with a pop to it. This is that song that makes you wanna bounce the moment that it starts sliding into the chorus. The Yellow Shoots give us more a 50/50 blend of old school and contemporary. It's the sound of two generations coming together and blending effortlessly.

"Something Ain't Right" by STRFKR

STRFKR charges in with some electro-pop, they're doing something that's right. You hear that strong steady bass rumbling with the back and forth of the synthesizers. Then you get to those flawlessly timed soft breaks in between and how can you resist? "Something Ain't Right," much like Yellow Shoots' "Desert Rose" has perfected the time blend. Modern indie and 80s pop had a baby and this is it.

"Burgundy Red" by Sunset Rollercoaster

Leaving us with the reminiscence of a classic pop-rock anthem is Sunset Rollercoaster. Every single component and segment of this song is an exact match of what you might find flipping through radio stations after you step out of the DeLorean. From the leading guitar to those keyboard chord progressions down to the vocals. There's not a mark that "Burgundy Red" didn't hit. 

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Nostalgia Placebos: New School Music That Takes It Back
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