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How a Band of Brothers Changed My Life

The Jonas Brothers aren’t just another band to me, they are so much more.

I have been a Jonas Brothers fan since 2008. The boys mean so much to me, and I am grateful for all they have done. Their music has helped me through some rough times. I have a lot of memories since I became a Jonas fan, seeing the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience in theaters, watching their live chats, watching Camp Rock 2 when it premiered on Disney Channel, being part of the Jonas Brothers fan club, Team Jonas, buying their new albums the day they were released, meeting other fans at concerts, making friends through Team Jonas, streaming their Radio City concert, seeing them on their final tour in 2013, and buying presale tickets. Jonas Brothers concerts were always exciting.

My first Jonas Brothers concert was the Burnin’ Up tour. It all began in March 2008. I was listening to FM97, when they announced that the Jonas Brothers were coming to Hershey, Pennsylvania. As soon as I heard that, I knew I wanted to see them. I asked my cousin, Robin, if she could get the tickets for me as a birthday gift. After checking with my mom, Robin said she would try to get tickets for me.

On April 12th, I had a book release/21st birthday party for my book, Called 2 Wait. Robin came down for my party, and she handed me a card. Opening the card, I saw two tickets for the Jonas Brothers. I was so excited, that I started screaming. I couldn’t wait to see the Jonas Brothers. Meanwhile, the party itself was a success. A lot of my friends and family came, and I sold a lot of books.

Waiting for the concert to arrive was hard. Time seemed to go by slowly. Everyone at work knew I was going to see the Jonas Brothers, and asked if I was counting down the days until I saw them. “Of course I am!” I would reply. A few days before the concert, I started running a fever. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to go, but I was determined to see them, even if I wasn’t feeling well. Mom jokingly said that I was Burnin’ Up for the Jonas Brothers.

On July 25, 2008, I was so excited to see the Jonas Brothers that night, that I jumped out of bed and got ready for the day. At work, I kept singing Jonas Brothers songs, just to make the time go by faster. After work, mom drove me and Christa to Hershey. When we got there, I saw a ton of girls with Jonas Brothers t-shirts. After finding a parking space, we took the tram over to the stadium. When the tram driver mentioned that the Jonas Brothers were performing that night, everyone riding the tram screamed. Once we got to the stadium, Christa and I stood in line with our moms until the gates opened. After entering the stadium, Christa suggested that we should get something to eat, and find our seats. I was too excited to eat anything, so I just got water.

Once we found our seats, we waited for the concert to begin. While we were waiting, I bought the tour program, and I got a free tour lanyard. Since the concert took place outside, it was easy to see the backstage area. From time to time, fans would run over to the sides of the stadium, trying to catch a glimpse of the Jonas Brothers. At first, I didn’t understand why people would do that, however, after the concert, I was determined to meet the Jonas Brothers. While Christa and I were waiting, we overheard that the Jonas Brothers had gotten on Fahrenheit earlier that day, which I thought was pretty cool.

Demi Lovato was the first opening act that night. She was really good, and got the audience pumped up. Next, was Avril Lavigne. Although she is not my favorite artist, she does have a few songs that I enjoy: Girlfriend, Complicated, and Skater Boy.

Finally, the moment I had been wait for, the Jonas Brothers. The audience erupted in screams loud enough to pierce eardrums, and the music began. The Jonas Brothers opened with That’s Just the Way We Roll. By the end of the concert, I had become a fan. As I watched their tour bus pull out of the parking lot, and hearing the fans still scream, I knew that this was an experience I would never forget. I decided right then and there, to try to meet to Jonas Brothers.

The following year,  since I was a member of Team Jonas, I decided to get tickets during the presale, which was not easy. All the shows were selling tickets that day, so it took me a while to get on, but I finally managed to buy tickets, without mom’s permission. Later that day, I told mom that I had gotten tickets. At first, she was not happy, but then she told me that I could go, if I found someone to take me. Before going to bed that night, I prayed that I would find someone to go to the concert with me.

A few months later, Robin said that she would go see the Jonas Brothers with me. Once again, I was excited to see the Jonas Brothers. Waiting for the concert day to arrive was hard, but going on our family cruise helped keep my mind off it.

July 24th finally arrived, and after getting off work, mom and I drove to Delaware, where we met Robin and Rick. When we got to the stadium, Robin and I headed to the box office, to see if she could upgrade our seats. While we were waiting, Robin and Rick both tried to get me meet&greet passes. Unfortunately, I was not able to meet them, but we did end up with floor seating. After paying for the tickets, Robin and I headed inside the stadium, while Rick went to the Philly’s game.

Once we got our tickets scanned, we headed to the merchandise table, where I bought a program, lanyard, and poster. After paying for my merchandise, we went to find our seats, which was very close to the catwalk. I had never gotten good seats before, so I was blown away at how close we were. This year, the opening acts were Honor Society, Wonder Girls and Jordin Sparks. Honor Society put on a good performance too. After Honor Society finished their set, we waited for the Jonas Brothers to come on. 

While we were waiting, they played some commercials, featuring the Jonas Brothers. Fans could also send text messages, which would appear on the screen. Some messages told people to scream if they liked the Jonas Brothers, which we did. Finally, the lights dimmed, and the familiar melody of “We Will Rock You” started playing, signaling that the Jonas Brothers were about to hit the stage. As the music played, the Jonas Brothers backup band walked past me, and made their way to the stage. I was so excited, all I could do was watch them. By the end of the concert, I still couldn’t believe how close the Jonas Brothers were to me.

October 30, 2013, will be a day I will never forget, the day the Jonas Brothers officially announced that they were over. Three weeks before they announced their breakup, the brothers canceled their fall tour, without any warning. At first, I thought that all the "break-up" rumors and tour cancellation were jokes. As the days went by, and the brothers remained silent, I started feeling like the rumors were true. When the Jonas Brothers deleted their band twitter, everyone freaked out, including me. A week before the brothers announced their breakup, Joe tweeted "Please hold, while we get our sh*t together." At that point, I was trying to hold onto hope...hope that the brothers would  continue to be a band. However, on October 29, People Magazine released an interview with the brothers, confirming my worst nightmare, the Jonas Brothers were officially over. I was devastated. I was also angry. Angry that they had canceled an entire tour, and never apologized. Angry that for almost two and a half weeks, they remained silent. Angry that for almost a year, they kept saying that they were going to release their new album, V, now the album would no longer be released. Ever since the tour was canceled, I tried to stay strong, but after reading the interview, I broke down crying. After the brothers broke up, it took a while for me to be able to listen to their music without crying. As a "thank you" to all their fan club members, they released their final album, LiVe. The album included ten live tracks from their summer tour, and four studio versions of their new songs that would have been on the album.

After the brothers broke up, I was afraid that I would never meet them, but when Nick started his solo career, I once again decided to try to meet him. I entered every contest I could, but I ended up losing...again. Then, when the opportunity to buy VIP packages became available to purchase, I bough one, and that led me to an unforgettable experience I would never forget.

On the morning of September 6th, I was so excited to be meeting Nick Jonas, I took a shower and got dressed, making sure that I looked great for my meet & greet picture. Once I was ready, trying to keep myself occupied until it was time to leave was kinda hard, but I managed it. At 2:00, Sarah and I left the house and headed up to Hershey. After arriving in Hershey, we tried finding the Hershey Theatre, and got turned around a couple of times, but we finally found the Theater. Sarah suggested that I wait in the car until 3:30 to go stand in line. It wasn't easy for me to wait. I kept looking at the time, thinking that it was moving to slowly. Finally, just when I thought I couldn't wait another minute, it was time to head across the street and stand in line. Thankfully I was one of the first people in line to check in. By the time they opened the doors at 3:45, the line for VIP was pretty long! After I checked in, we were directed to go downstairs, where they had everything set up for the meet&greet; it reminded of school pictures. Right before the meet & greet began, the Host VIP rep went over the rules for the meet&greet:

  1. Have our cellphone cameras ready, so that they could take our pictures
  2. No hugs, because they don't want Nick getting sick, which is understandable
  3. If we brought any gifts for Nick, to leave them in the bag that they had on the table

By this point, I was getting really nervous. Thankfully, Lisa Tiffany helped calm me down. The meet&greet was kinda rushed, but when it was my turn to meet Nick, I hesitated a little, but after some coaxing from the VIP team, I walked right up to Nick. "Hi, thanks for coming!" Nick said, as he shook my hand. The Host rep took our picture, and I headed upstairs to wait for the concert to begin. I was literally shaking after I met him. The concert itself was amazing! Bebe Rexa was the opening act, and she killed it on stage! Nick put on an amazing performance, as always.

After the concert, I went to the post-show toast! Seconds after Nick tweeted about having an amazing show, I saw him come up the stairs, joining the fans for the post-show toast! He stopped at our table first, and asked if we enjoyed the show. "I loved it!" I replied excitedly. As Nick went around the room, talking to other fans & signing autographs, I couldn't help watching him interact with the fans. After talking to everyone, Nick came back to my table and signed my cd. I have to admit, I love Nick's eyes, and his smile made my heart melt! After the Host rep took the group photo, everyone except for Nick, had to leave. Nick posted the group photo to his Snapchat! It was the perfect ending to a perfect night.

Even though the Jonas Brothers are no longer a band, I still support the brothers in their solo projects. Joe started a new band, DNCE. Their album is available on iTunes. Kevin is a father and a business man. Meanwhile, Nick has been successful in both acting and singing. His self-titled album, Nick Jonas, includes the hit single, Jealous. Nick also stars in the hit TV series, Kingdom. Out of all the brothers, Nick has inspired me the most. His music is great to workout to, and some of his songs has helped me through some rough days. Nick helps spread awareness for Type One Diabetes, a disease he lives with, which is why I admire him.

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